Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Dump

My house on ever single snow day. #longestwinterever

Evyn dislikes snow! He finally decided it was fun to play in on the day it finally began to melt. 
I stole sugar anyway. 
Best Birthday Ever!!! Kristen came over and spent the day with me. Baked me a cake. Brought me Some goodies. And joined my MK team. 
Pey slaughtered his first devil dog AKA coyote. He skinned it beautifully. Photos of the tanned skin soon to come. 
Today I made a rug and signed another team member. Brianna Robbins.......great things are about to happen! 
Peyton brought in my favorite and we put them in food coloring and water. So cool huh?!
Hopefully, this was the last day for a hat. But I hear it's supposed to snow Sunday. Happy Spring. <3