Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Hemmer's Thoughts.....

Per request I'm going to post some natural remedies and links that was discussed at out meeting last week. Once again, I'm going to mention that we have tried these along with several others with no great outcome. I think these supplements really depend on the severity of the ADHD or if thee are other traits that are showing it's ugly face.

The first was the use of Magnesium and B6 together. She did not really speak highly of one over the other but suggested they be used together.  We have Done Epsom salt baths along with a dose of Benadryl and that works well for us. One or the other alone does not.

Secondly we discussed having a more natural diet free of hormones, gluten free, ect. as well as growing our own foods and having a garden with our own fruits and vegetables. Here is a link to a seed company the Dr. highly recommended.  I am unsure if this is the correct site, as it was difficult to locate. Basically she suggested we use seeds that are organic and this site offers those.

Aloe Vera Juice was discussed and one suggestion I will be trying.

High Protein Diets have been found to be useful. These foods include yogurt and eggs.

 Tryptophan showed some help with our kiddos as well

Some calming herbs are Lavender, St Johns Wart and Passion Flower.

I'm sure I missed some things she touched on because there were so many things discussed. But I think the things listed are a great start to help you decide if medication or natural remedies are for you and your family. As for us, we may give a few of these things a whirl during Spring Break but without stopping our currant medications. Also, I'd also suggest you only make changes after speaking to your child's Dr.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter To My Childless Self

I am going to attempt to fulfill your request with this one. And considering Boy Child #3 is home today from school sick, for the third day in a row, today is perfect. This bullchit is fresh on my mind. I tried to keep the letter to my teenage self rather serious.  If you want that, in this post, stop reading now. This one is to my pregnant self. Just prior to the onset of labor with Boy Child #1.

Dear childless Kitty, (that will soon change primarily to Kathy upon the arrival of your human baby)

  First of all gather up all the following items and receipts and take them back to the store for a refund. Baby Wipe Warmer, bottle sterilizer, all but one diaper bag, diaper stacker, all but one of those infant sized outfits and half of all those other outfits you think your gonna need when you go out on the town with that precious baby (insert sarcasm). Once you have your refund I want you to come home and bath alone, apply a little make-up. fix your hair, pee when the urge hits, and take a nap before taking yourself out for a nice quite lunch. All these things I ask of you, will never happen again. Like....ever.

  After your quite lunch I want you to go to Peebles and buy yourself some comfortable Yoga pants and tee shirt in your favorite color. You will be in this attire for the next six months. Make sure its loose and feels great. No sense in packing those size 4 pants in your hospital bag. You won't see that size for 15 years. Sooner if you would stop having flippen kids. Next, come home and watch your favorite shows. After today your life will solely revolve around only shows that have ridiculous purple dinosaurs, trains, talking animals or ESPN.  You should also take another hot bath. You have no idea how much you will miss those when you are relaxing in the tub with your eyes shuts and are jolted awake to a god awful smell and grunting. Boy children are nasty little chits and love more then anything to fart, chit and burp in your presence.  Even if boy children have their own bathrooms, they prefer to chit in your bathroom while you are relaxing in the tub. And just to make sure they have succeeded in making you gag they will ask you, "Do you smell that?" Then gag at themselves and laugh.

When you come home people will beg to watch this thing. Let them. It will not mean you are weak or unfit. It means you are smart. Momma will want to stay a week with you. Let her. She will cook, clean, rock the thing and take care of you. Let her. Rest. She has raised a few kids and almost all of them turned out great. I know you are scared cause you are in Glasgow, but by June you will be back close to home again and never leave that area where your family and friends are ever again. You were stupid for leaving to begin with, but no need for name calling at this point in the game. Though you were. Stupid.

Labor will be starting before long. You spent entirely to much time watching Lifetime shows depicting how labor would feel. You are going to be uncomfortable for several hours. Don't let this slide. This IS labor. Don't be a dumb arse. Natural child birth sucks, trust me, I know, and you do not want to do that because you stayed home to long and can not receive medication this late in the game!! Go to the hospital EARLY or give birth in the elevator without drugs. It's your choice. 

Don't loose a lot of sleep worrying about breast feeding this boy child. It will all be o.k. Turns out you are a pro at this stuff. Later in life people will call you up whom have newborn babies and ask for nursing advice. You rock at this. Don't get a big head though.....cause you suck at every thing else.

Buy a battery operated swing right effen now. Otherwise you will sleep in 15 minute intervals, wake up, wind a swing and go back to sleep for another 15 minutes. Thankfully this guy of yours like staying up half the night. Go to bed and let him entertain this kid of yours that will have his nights and days mixed up for the first six months of his life. Bless your soul. Your too stupid and green to figure out how to fix this. But this is a good thing. It'll be 5 years before you start to consider another child. But you do not. You decide on a tubal instead.  ;)    Ok that's not exactly all true.

Don't sweat the small stuff, wear a good support bra or tuck your boobs in your socks by age 30, get rid of the Firebird sooner rather then later and buy a four door car and start that baby on Neutrimgen formula when your ready to wean him. It'll save you a lot of Dr. visits and smelling like baby vomit. Good luck. Your gonna need it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Dump

I think they are all self explanatory but just in's the lastest weighted blanket, our newest baby girl addition, Evyn's trip to the dentist and being gassed, Zac taking piano lessons and the details of how I keep my whites white. (Borax, bleach, Tide and softner) And Evyn showing off Ms. Donna's black and white Sashay scarf I made forever ago and forgot to post.
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My Pinterest Project

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day Catch Up

DWTS premiered this week. I always like to see who is on it that I adore. This season......Kelly Pickler. So, what did I do? Loved her hair so much I cut 8 inches off mine and went back to extreme shortness. Peyton loves it. He says I look young and cool. Eli never has a opinion about anything related to me unless it means loosing his xBox or iPod. And Zackary dislikes it. I'm unsure why. He just don't like change I guess. Personally I like the idea of packing away the hairspray, root lifter, straightener, curler and pony tail holders again.

Yesterday's blog was a hit. I was bombarded with request to please include those sorda essays in my book. So. you wish is my command. Thank you to all my followers. It means a lot to mean to have feedback.

This weekend is Zackary's birthday party. He has looked forward to his party since last year. No child of mine has ever enjoyed a party like he does. So this year we rented jump houses for him. It's going to be cool so we decided to inflate them inside the community center. I am looking forward to it. (Thank you for the idea Michelle)

Lizzy Lou is becoming part of the family. She sleeps with me, Evyn and Zackary. Except last night Zackary left and went to his own room because Liz snores. It was a win win for me. Liz's snoring does not bother me, however Zac's snoring does.

Time is ticking for my kitchen remodel. I'd say Spring Break will be when my contractor gets here finally to make my renovations and upgrades. I am so ready to have a nice place to prepare meals and enjoy the kids presence. Not. But really, my kitchen is a eye sore.

Peyton, Eli and Zac all made honor roll again. Pey is all A's for the first time since grade school!! They all got to pick out something from Gamestop. Grade card day gets expensive around here when all the kids make honor roll. But I'm happy to pay up for a good cause.

The first day of Spring was today and it was 26 degrees this a.m. and 21 tonight. We have been without central heat for two weeks and all practically camping in front of the fire place at night. Tomorrow is the day though. This Momma is getting a new unit. I'm ready to beat the old one to pieces. It's been a dud since I bought it 14 years ago. I'm increases the size by a ton. I hope this Summer it cools the house better and lowers my bill. Prolly not gonna happen though.

Wednesdays are Zackarys piano lesson days. He is picking it up so quickly. And it's been nice for me to brush up on playing. I forgot how much I loved it till I sat down and played again. Matter of fact, I think I will now. Happy Hump Day friends. We are almost over the hump. By the way, thank you all for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. I am not a fan, and never celebrate them but I sincerely enjoyed reading the posts on Facebook. If Peyton counted correctly there were around 150 well wishes. I did not respond to each this year but know I love you guys and they sure meant a lot to me. Turning 22 wasn't so bad after all.    ;)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A letter to my 15 year old self...........

   I have been meaning to do something a little fun with a blog post for ages and decided today was the day. I decided to write a letter to my fifteen year old self.........

  My Sweet Girl,
                            So, you turned 15 today. I'm sure you think fifteen is nothing but one year closer to sixteen, but my dear, you could not be more wrong. This year will change your life forever. In a few months you will meet a guy who will steal you heart and keep it several years. Don't get so hung up on him. He will always be a friend and it'll save you years of ache. P.S. by age 40 he will pack on many pounds, loose his hair and shack up with a woman with four or five kids. He won't drive low riders and listen to his music to loud because it causes hearing loss. By the way. You should turn your radio down, too. Hearing aides are not cool at age 33. (we will get to the kid part and your numbers later)
                           Your first public job will start this Fall. Enjoy your Spring/Summer because you will work every day of your life after this Summer comes to a end. Lay by the pools, lakes and enjoy your friends. Friends are hard to come by in your years to follow. Ware sun screen please.

                          In the years that follow you will be driving, working and tempted to skip a lot of school to see the next flavor of the year that followed you first heart break. Forget that boy too. He is trouble with a capitol T. Love your Momma more and listen to your Daddy. He will be the smartest man you know as a adult. You should take notes. His wisdom needs to be written down.

                          At eighteen you will be tempted to move out and marry another flavor of the month because he offers you freedom and a different life. Nothing I say will change your mind. And nothing I say will convince you that having a baby at such a young age is a bad idea. Just know it'll all work out and you don't have to stay with his Daddy when he disappoints you terribly. Staying is only going to cause more stress and heart ache. Cut your ties. Have the baby. Go home to Momma and stay there. Do not return to endure any more punishment and pain from this man. A man who cheats on his pregnant wife is not worth it. You are both young and life will go on and improve.

                        Marriage will be one of your favorite things to do. Do not be tempted by the next trouble that comes along. He will ruin your life and cause you even more pain and stress then the first. Don't fall for the big ole brown eyes and long hair. The 80's are over sister. You will also be tempted to have more children. Don't. One is plenty.

                        By age twenty-five you will finally settle down and have exactly the life you left Momma and Daddy for at age eighteen. could have put off leaving for 7 more years and saved yourself so much trouble. Times will be testy. Money will be tight at times. More babies will come. (Dammit, I told you to stop at age 22) Again, when things get ruff you will be tempted to run. Don't. This life is perfect for you. No matter whom has disappointed you in the past, let you down, cheated, lied, been lazy, been a bad parent, ect......this man is different. He is identical to you. If you never listen to anything else I say, hear me now. Tough out the hard times and think positively. A good attitude will take you so much farther then hunting for another flavor.

                     But, for now.....focus on being fifteen. Stuff this letter away to guide you through the years to come. It will help you know what to expect. You can expect to be right where you want to be by age thirty three. Sooner if you listen to me and not act foolish. Enjoy your fifteen year old metabolism. Put down those cigarettes. Do not get into the car with anyone who has been drinking. Ever. And tell Momma about those people that bully you and disrespect you. Even if it is family. Let Daddy whoop their arsewhile he is young and still can, and stop hiding and running from them.  And last but not, be honest, stay a child a little while longer and pack some Pepper Spray. Always. Not every one is who you think they are. Bless your little naive heart. Happy Birthday Hunny. Life is fixing to take you for a 12 year ride of bad roads. But, you are prepared. Make them beautiful.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lizzy Lou

Meet Elizabeth Lou. Zac named this sweet gal before we ever picked her up this weekend. After much thought and tears I had to have another baby in the house with us. I couldn't have another Yorkie. My heart couldn't take it. So, Danny and I decided we wanted a Boxer. They grow and have a very strong bond with their families and we wanted a dog that would make ever step with our boys and be their guardian. She's got a lot of growing to do.......All the boys love her. Danny wanted to take her with him but knew he would get hate text messages from the kids. What do ya think?
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweet Sis

Last week was absolutely heart breaking. Last Thursday our sweet Yorkie was hit and killed. Evyn saw it. It was gut wrenching to bury her with Evyn watching and then have to tell the boys. Zac didn't talk for a whole day. He only cried. And when I say cry I mean he was uncontrollably crying and couldn't breath. Danny and I both were devastated. So, today, I just wanted to share some of her photos. And tomorrow I will share our newest addition that is healing our hearts. Be ready to be surprised with mine and Danny's choice.....
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spankings, Poop and Sunshine

Today was one of those days that I will tell Evyn about when he's grown and has kids of his own. He has tested my patience, pissed me off and reminded me to be grateful all in one day.

It was beautiful today and we spent the day outside cleaning up the yard. evyn was running around with Sissy (our Yorkie) one minute and gone the next.

I looked for him for what seemed like a hour (I'm sure it was no where near that long in real time) before calling Mom. I'm unsure what I thought she could do, but calling her was the only thing I thought to do. She started to house looking for him on the road. Thinking maybe he decided to walk the half mile and bring Sissy and come visit. I started knocking on neighbors doors and walking even father from home when I glanced across the field and saw his blond head at a barn a about 3/10ths of a mile from our house. When I reached him he was trying to get back over a gate but couldn't. He was bared footed. He had lost his boots in the cow chit/mud that was every bit of ten inches deep.  When I say we.......I mean I dug his boots out of the mud and packed the little booger back home where Mom, Lesia and Dave where waiting for us. Too happy to see him I sat him down on the step and explained how that was a bad idea. He looked at Sissy as if to say "it was her idea". Bless her heart, she was cover in....well......chit. And so were we. I began the task of cleaning up the dog, our boots, our clothes, ect with the water hose. I looked up.......and dammit if he wasn't gone again with the dog. No sooner then I realized they was gone again I heard a log truck blow their horn down the road a piece. I started that way just knowing I'd find them headed to Mom's for sure this time. Sure enough he was headed that way. When I reached him I was fuming this time. I spanked him most of the way back home. At home I put him in the tub and he has not been allowed back outside to enjoy this beautiful day. This child will be my death. Period. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Packing now...

Danny decided he was tired of me answering the door and inspecting why the dog was barking late at night with a ball bat and let me pick out my own gun. I wanted a Walther .22 and after searching three counties I found one. Pey made fun of me for wanting a .22 instead of something a bit larger. After a little friendly debate he agreed if someone was shooting at him it wouldn't really cross his mind to stop and ask how large of a bullet was coming at him.
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