Monday, January 18, 2016

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. One Year Old Is What You Are.

Maddy~Kate is one.  
I decided to log into Blogger and determine just exactly how far I was behind. It's frightening. There is no possible way I can catch up. They best thing to do would be follow us on Instagram #adayinthelifeofmaddy. There you can see our entire first year together. 

As for our blog, I'm ready to get back down to regular stuff. 

This year has been filled with a lot of joy, pain, disappointments, hospitalizations for Eli, Peyton getting his drivers license, postpartum anxiety, medications and changes, the loss of my Granny and opening a store. 

Currently Eli is being homeschooled and the store is a work in progress. I have never been good at several things at once but this year I've given it my best shot. A few things had to be weaned away. I'm not pursuing my photography as much other than our own family photos. 

I have weaned Eli off all his medications except for an "as needed" Valium. I have done this many times before and gave in a few days into the process and restarted them again. This time has been different. He has had so many out of home placements the last twelve months and everyone has done their own med changes. Everyone has had their opinions on what he needed to be taking. I decided they were all wrong. We are a month into this process and he's already sleeping and eating like a normal preteen. This is the first time in his life he has slept past 6 a.m..

This year Peyton also moved back home and restarted his regular school. He is now certified in welding and within the next week he will be joining the Guard. He has a plan and it's a good one. 

Danny went off the road and is home now every night. We began this change when the postpartum anxiety hit me like one of the trucks he's drove. It's no joke people. Sometimes people can thrive without med and sometimes they can't. I was one who couldn't. I tried to make myself better but I couldn't. I found myself loading up my kids and newborn and driving myself to the hospital one evening convinced I was dying. That was the last straw. Turns out that I had healing to do mentally as well as physically after a traumatic delivery that ended in a separated pelvis and very painful postpartum 8 weeks. Now I can finally relive those days without being nauseous. For the longest time I avoiding even looking at the birth photos. 

But now here we are one year into this new life and things are as near to perfect as they have ever been for us. If I had only hit the billion dollar powerball. 

I can't wait to start sitting down and taking time to write again. I miss it a lot. 

Lots and love and hugs to you all. Thanks for sticking with me during my lull for blogging.