Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day to Sull

Today I have decided to take a moment to sull. (you have been warned)
I had intended to keep the blog inspirational, centering the boys and writing about how wonderful our world is, even in all the chaos.
Today will solely be about me, and what pisses me off. (Thank you A,  for your blog this a.m. that inspired me to "bitch" a little as well.)

First of all, THE WEDDING! Wasn't it absolutely breath taking. Made me remember I have never had a wedding. Watching this couple gaze lovingly at each other and dressed to the "T" set the mood for the day. Its no secret that I have been down the isle (as ppl like to say) a few times. Marriage number one was in a court house. I was in a cheap sun dress. Pregnant. (but not showing in the least) We had pulled the judge away from a fishing trip that particular Saturday. I do's were said quickly and by the book. A few years later the divorce was finalized in the exact same room.

Number two was a bit more traditional. I was determined to have "The Dress" this time down. It was lovely. It looked like it was made just for me. We married in Gatlinburg with no friends and two family members. My sister and her husband-who were late. The dress was made for me but the man wasn't. (a story for another day) I have great pictures of me in that dress, but  the pictures out lived the marriage. Honestly, I think I just really wanted to ware a damn wedding dress. I didn't really want to be married afterwards.

Danny and I have been married 7 years. Unfortunately, once again I married in a office of the court house. I wore a Easter Dress. I realize dresses don't make the marriage, but it still would have been nice. For this Iam jealous of Kate. I'll be over it tomorrow.

The next thing that pisses me off is wining. I won't go into great detail about this but just know I don't like it. I have 4 children who whine on a daily basis and I don't want to listen to it from grown adults. (wait, did I just whine about not having a wedding? Sorry.) Grow up.

Next, I am severely aggravated with a gentleman who has tossed his children aside and decided the company of his girlfriend and her children is more important. Do men use women's children as a ploy? This man is not a gem. Don't be fooled. He only likes your children because he is not responsible for them.

Lastly, I have gotten some feedback from my bog and most has been great. You guys have had such wonderful things to say and encourage me in ways with your words that you will never know. But, there have been a few who have been offended. Let me be clear, this is my blog. If you don't like what I say, don't read it.

Love you gals. Have a wonderful weekend. And in ending........don't let the small things get you down. Talk about, write about it. Call me if you want too. I feel better already!!

And just for shits and giggles..........

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peyton's Thursday

I decided that one day a week I'd take a day and let it be solely one particular boys day. Peyton, being the oldest I thought should get the first day.
I realize Peyton's Thursday does not rhyme or have a catchie ring to it like some days people have set aside for different things (Flashback Friday being the most popular) but that's OK. I'm not one to do as others do very much. In the future each and ever child will have their own Thursday. Let's see how it goes.

Last night I had Peyton sit down and pick out a picture he wanted to see posted with his Thursday. He picked a picture of Richard, his Pa. On this particular day we all went to the lake on their Pontoon. We did that every weekend. Those were some fun times. This was Peyton first time in the water if my memory isn't failing me. I do know the date was August 15th 1999.

When Peyton was a a baby I took pictures, then wrote it on the calender so when the pictures were developed I could write down the exact date that picture was taken in his baby book. I wrote down EVERYTHING!!!! Thinking back on everything I was sure to document, I don't know how I didn't go crazy. I didn't miss a moment. NOTHING!! And I worked full time as a aid and substitute teacher at NME. His baby book is full of  "first" moments and their exact dates. Sometimes even the corresponding picture.

Back to Peyton's Thursday. Here the picture he chose.

I would have chosen a infant picture. Maybe even a picture of his first day of preschool or his first bus ride. Maybe even his first time on a elephant or first train ride or zoo trip. (don't laugh, I have pictures proving I documented all these things and many many more)

He had professional pictures taken at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, ect. Pictures with Santa, the Easter Bunny and in his Halloween Costume. I didn't miss a lick even if it meant  a phone shut off or eating bologna and beans for a week.

As the other babies came I was not as good about these things. Did I get lazy? No I don't think that's it. Did I not care as much about the 2nd, 3rd or 4th? Definitely NOT IT!!

Sitting here now I realize I don't have many things at all in Evyn's baby book. I don't even recall when he cut his first tooth or had his first vegetable. OK, panicking now.........

ADHD is in full swing for this morning. Sorry. I'm gonna wrap up Peyton's Thursday with his numbers......

Michael Pe'yton Houchens was born January 17th, 1999 @ 4:06 am (he was due the 23rd)
If he had been a girl he would have been named Makala Marie
He weighed 6 pounds 13 1/4 oz.
He was 19 3/4 inches long.
Interesting facts- A gallon of milk was $2.49. Bread was $1.50 a postage stamp was .33 cents. A GALLON OF GAS WAS .88 CENTS!!!!!!!!!
He slept through the night on June 26th
Laughed out loud when you were 3 1/2 months old.
Stood alone Dec. 5th 1999
First haircut was Jan 15th 2000

First stole my heart May 1999 when I saw two lines instead of one.

OK, tell me how your parenting skills changed from one baby to the second. Please tell me I'm not the only one who started to slack about keeping up with milestones!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daddy's Hands

Today is a special day. It's my Daddy's birthday. He is 69.

What a wonderful man he is. I have not told him that, ever. I intend too. Maybe-today.

Daddy is of a different kind of breed so to speak. Tough. Hard shelled. Honest. Hardworking. God fearing. He didn't show his love with words but with work ethic. He loved us, no doubt.  He proved it by working his fingers to the bone. Watching this man work so hard for us for so many years has caused me to have very high expectations of the men I've had in my life. So far, no one has ever lived up to what I have expected from them. No one has ever compared to Daddy. Danny sure runs a close second tho! That is a great compliment for Danny. He knows this too. Daddy.......I know of a couple men who wished you'd been lazy.

Daddy never cussed. He had, and still has, made up words that he used in the place of cuss words. I can honestly say I have never heard that man utter anything ever that he wouldn't say in a church. I am told he wasn't like that when he was younger. We won't tell those stories (Love you Daddy....;))

I can remember being labeled a Daddy's Girl as far back as I can remember.  I have a lot of my Daddy in me. More him then Mommy! A clean mouth isn't one of those things.

Mommy and Daddy adopted me when I was a baby. Daddy never treated me any different from my brothers but they will tell you differently. I had it easier compared to them. I have no doubts about that. Like I said, Daddy was hardcore. I think my blond hair and blue eyes softened his heart but he still used tough love on me too.

Daddy loves my 4 boys to no end. They are his only grandchildren. My brothers never had children of their own. I was sure to have enough for the 3 of us.

I could tell stories about my Daddy blog after blog. And will. But for today I just want to honer him with a few words. Here goes.......Thank you for being the man that no one can compare too. Thank you for taking me in and loving me when I was tossed aside by others. Thank you for continuing to have my back no matter what I do to disappoint you. And I know I have many times.   Thank you for loving my boys, my family and me.  I love you, Daddy.

I'd love to hear about y'alls Daddy..........

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here's to a better Hump Day

Today was a roller coaster. I am sitting here now just trying to swallow down the delayed scream that's trying to leave my lungs!

Evyn is sleeping. His normal bedtime (that he insist on) is 7:30. It was after 9:00 before I got him down. Sorry baby. You can sleep in in the morning.

Zackary is also down for the count. I kept him home from school today because it was raining cats and dogs this morning and I saw no sense in walking to the bus in the rain. (it sounded good) He is going to stay home tomorrow as well. The weather makes me nervous, so I want him home. Is that making my fears his as well?
Peyton stayed at my Mom and Dads. The boys call them Poppy and Mamee.

Eli is still awake. He will be all night. He's in a manic phase. He's due one. It's been a couple days since he was up all night. Most children who don't sleep well at night would be hard to get up the next morning. Eli is not. He will be dressed and ready roaring to go at 6 a.m. as if he's slept all night. Tonight was not a good night for Eli and me. I try to be very patient with him, but sometimes I am at my wits end. Tonight is one of those nights. I just need some rest. These stormy nights have worn me out.

The day started off at 3 a.m. when the storm warnings started again. I never went back to sleep. I got Eli up at 6 to catch the bus and by 9 me and Peyton were on our way to Campbellsville for a orthodontist apt. The two little boys hung with Mamee.

After Peyton got his bottom braces we headed to Glasgow were Peyton adopted a duck from TSC. He wanted one when we got the chickens and rabbits but they were sold out. I thought he deserved a duck. He's a great kid who takes a backseat to his little brothers a lot. Not today tho. He got his duck! He named it Pig. I laughed. Thank you, baby. Oh....I'm not supposed to call him that. Sorry.

Since Evyn was sleeping at Moms when we got there to pick the little boys up, I left him. Not for a mini vacay, but to mow my yard and Granny's. Peyton weedeated it for me. Thank you again Peyton.

Poppy took the three big boys fishing this afternoon. I thought it was a great opportunity to take a bath and wash the grass smell off. Evyn normally sits in the tub with me and plays with bubbles. Today he decided to poop in the water instead. My relaxing bath was just the opposite.

So, now I sit here a bit frazzled because I think I smell like poop and grass. Eli is making me crazy and more storms are on the way. I wish Chris Allen had his low pressure systems shoved up his  a$$!

Here's to a better Hump Day.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, winding down.

I just wanted to share a few statistics with y'all before I call it a night. (numbers may have been exaggerated, but it don't feel like it)
I ask Peyton to put his iPod away while we ate supper  5 times. I told him to PLEASE put his clothes up 3 times. I ask him to come in and take a shower 4 times. He ask me to wash his favorite cap, once.

 I ask Eli to come in 3 times before finally threatening him with a spanking and counting to three. (does counting to 3 really make us a adult or lower us to a 7 year old level?) I ask him to shower 4 times, and get back in the bed 12 times. I am still counting. He ask me to peel him a orange, once.

Zackary was ask 2 times to come inside. (he's a good child, almost) I asked him 3 times to please sit on his bottom at the supper table. I lost count after the 6th time I ask him  to shut the water off and get out of the shower. He ask me to fix him some chocolate milk, once.

Evyn. Oh, my Evyn. (please no cracks about how spoiled he's gonna be. I call him my miracle baby for reasons that most of y'all know. I'll tell you that story sometime when I feel like drinking crying.) I ask him to get off the table 48 times today. (he had gotten back on it when I  put him to bed) I told him to stop playing in the camode 17 times. Stop taking his diaper off 7 times and no playing in his poop 3 times. He looked and me with those big blue eyes and said Ba Ba, once!

Night all.

*Play in the puddles.....

I had such a wonderful Blog written and deleted it. I found myself worrying I'd make someone mad. Hmmmmm, I said I wouldn't think like that! I have the proof in my first entry that I should go back and re-read!

The morning was uneventful. Eli cryed, he didn't want to go to school. He wanted to stay home with his rabbits although he never actually came out and told me that. He doesn't let emotion show unless its anger. Missing a rabbit is NEVER anything he's say out loud. He keeps such a tough outer shell. It's his defence mechanism. Pretend not to care. I'd like to blame this particular detail of him on his medical diagnosis but unfortunately he gets this  from me.
I always said I'd never show my fears to my children because I didn't want my fears to become theirs. I think I have done well thus far. With exception of this one tiny thing. Be careful of people. And don't get too close.

Peyton seemed in good humar this morning. Then again, he always does and I still get calls about his behaviour. Whats going on with him? I wish I could read his mind because he wont talk to me.
Zackary pretended to be asleep while I was dressing him. He's the hardest to get up and on the bus. His bus doesn't come until a little after 8. He's in Pre-K. He can go 5 days a week if I wanted him too, but normally I only send him 3. I want just a little more time with him before he HAS to go 5 days a week in August.

Evyn is still snoozing.

It's quite in here. The only thing I hear is the washer, dryer and dishwasher.
Danny left last night. I can't remember where he said he had to go. Not because I wasn't listening or interested. But, because he has drove a truck so long and told me so many places and apts. hes had to to meet in so many cities all over the U.S. that I get confused about where and what I heard last.  being a truckers wife is tough and I haven't done it well, but I'd like to think I'm getting better.
I have been looking through old photo albums for ideas. I love telling stories. Especially ones that explain why "I am who I am." When we were kids we took any situation and made it fun. Not just tolerable, which most of us do now.......but truly fun!
It's been rainy for days and days here and it doesn't look like its going to stop anytime soon. Everyone has problems and gets down. I have some friends that can't seem to find their smile lately. We just have to find a way to survive a little rain.This is life. This is not a a rehursal.When it rains, just remember what you done as a kid. Make a way to play in the puddles.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Calming Eli

Yesterday was such a great day with 3 of my boys. Eli went to his grandparents and fished with his Poppy (my Daddy) all day. The rest of us worked in the yard, had a visit with family who came in and made a run to town for little critters.
When I was a kid I was NOT a fan of animals. I was as "girly" as they came. My Little Pony's was the closest thing to a animal as I wanted.
After the boys came along my interest changed, drastically. In 12 years we own or have owned the following:    Pot Bellied Pig
                  Dogs (my fav, obviously)
                  Cats (whore cats that came here)
                  Goat (Peyton named him Blacky. He was solid white)
Yesterday we brought home baby chickens and two rabbits. I think the employees at TSC thought these animals were Easter related gifts but they were not.
We have had chickens here before. I absoultly love having fresh eggs. I don't eat eggs for reason I'll tell you about another day. :)  I enjoyed sitting on the porch watching them eat all the insects out of my yard. They began to roam to the neighbors porch and poop there. It wasn't long until we had to find them another chicken lover home. I'm hoping these stick around better.
Now, the rabbits are my point of this blog. They are for Eli. Eli struggles with life and day to day living more then most little boys his age. He has AD/HD and OCD which is under control for the most part. He is also be treated for Bi-Polar Disorder. This is the first time I have said this out loud to anyone other than my close friends and family. Not because I was ashamed of this but because I didn't want Eli looked at differently than any other 7 year old child. As with any other child, he has good days and bad days. His bad days are just a bit more extreme then most. He has never had a animal of his very own. I thought about this for a long time and decided that this responsibility could be very rewarding for all of us. My intentions are that he will keep his room clean because HIS rabbits don't like clutter. (Eli is a Hoarder in ever sense of the word) I also think he will be calmer and quieter and be more aware of his behavior because HIS rabbits are a little nervous. Screaming and fit throwing makes them scared and sad. (like he is sometimes)
On the other hand I am scared to death for him because he has never dealt with death before. We have had animals to die before and I have always protected him from this. Simply put, I lied every single time about what really happen to these missing animals. This is why I waited so long to buy him something of his very own. These babies will be ALL HIS. He will feed, water and play with these babies. And if one passes for whatever reason he will notice before I will. I have this over whelming urge to check the cage every single morning before he wakes to make sure I don't need to remove a stiff rabbit and tell him how it hopped out during the night to be with his best friend who lives in the woods that he missed so very much. (oh my, I already have the lie planned out)
My question is. Did I mess up by upping the odds for Eli to have to get his heart broken? Should we protect our children from death?

Friday, April 22, 2011

*Since when?

Four children. I will use that statement alot. But, this will be the one spot in my life where I will not apologize for anything I say or do too much. So, there!
When did I decide I wanted four kids? IDK that I ever thought that. I guess honestly, after 2 boys ya can't help but want that baby girl. Then after you have 3 boys ya more try won't hurt. 3 can't be that much different from 4. Then you reach 4 and the thought of a daughter makes you laugh historically because the four boys you have are gonna be the death of you. And before you die they are gonna put you in NHC nursing home to pee and poop on yourself while they enjoy spending your 401K.

Back to my point. Children. Four of them to be exact. I have wanted children since I was young. My oldest son was born when I was 18. Yes, I was a bit pregnant when I graduated high school. But, I graduated. I started dating Peyton's Daddy when I was 17. Even then I was taking no precautions not to have a baby. Not because I was stupid and uneducated (actually, maybe I was just a little) but because I sincerely wanted a baby. Sadly at the time I was too green to know they grow up and get a smart mouth and you think you should have the right to take their life, since you are the one who gave it to them.

Even earlier then that I was babysitting. Most gals do this at age 12ish so they can earn some spending money. I done this to learn. It was a course to me. I was a sponge soaking up diapering tips, nursing or bottle feeding, best nap times, best brand of wipes,soaps and foods. I wanted a baby so bad. I could not wait to be a Mommy.

Before this, I remember sitting on the porch of the playhouse Daddy had built me and rocking a baby. I was around six. I was pretending to be nursing this baby. (let the record show, I did nurse all of my babies!)

At age 3ish is when my plan was set to motion. I was sitting at a teeny tiny piano holding one of my hundred baby dolls. I had baby's that cried, sucked a bottle, peed, felt warm if you filled them with hot water, ect. I had just saw a commercial for a baby on TV and was planning my approach with Daddy. Everything had to be okayed  by Daddy. I was a nervous wreck because Daddy wasn't easily convinced. Those of you who know him know that hes a very big, stern man. He scared me. But, I was gonna ask for this baby anyway.
I worked up the nerve and ask and I will never forget his words. "There will be alot of things you ask for that I will never consider buying for you Kathy Jo, but a baby doll is not one of them. They are teaching you to be a good Mommy."

So, that's it. That's when I decided I wanted children. I guess because my Daddy thought I'd be a good Mommy one day. Why else was he buying me every baby doll known to man? All I ever wanted was to make that big man proud. I am still learning how to be a good Mommy, everyday! Thing wasn't the baby dolls that taught me. It was that man who bought them.

When did you decided you wanted children?