Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photo Dump

I have been stealing photos over the past few weeks that my biological father has been sharing and I wanted to share them with you all.

This was Michael in 1980. The year I was born.

This is his sister, Chris, who died at a young age of Cancer before I was ever able to meet her.


Michael, again.

Chris, my biological grandmother Mary and Michael.

One of my favorites. If I remember correctly this is Michelle, my sister, with Chris. I think they both are absolutely beautiful!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Too Did Pass

I have been meaning to catch a rage on video for a couple years now. Thankfully they are few and far between now days. A average of one a month of this magnitude.
First a little background with this one.
Eli has stayed a coupe days with one of my best friends to give me a bit of a break. I also needed to severely clean out his room. Yes, he's still very much a hoarder. He discovered once we had started home he had left his iPod charger behind and wanted me to turn around and go back to get it. I apologetically declined and told him he could get it in a couple days when she visited us on the weekend. This was NOT the correct answer.
Yes, I could have gone back. But that doesn't teach his to be responsible with his things. Even though it would have saved us all a great deal of stress I refused to give into his demands. I also realize by posting this video I'm opening myself up for negative criticism and a lot of unwanted advice about how I could have averted this by simply going back. Save your energy. This video is simply to show others they are not alone and the rages pass. He currently is having a grand ole time outside playing as if nothing ever happen.
Here is the link to our eventful ride home video.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump

This view will do till we get to the island in September.

Cleaned out closets last week. This happens twice a year at least.

We have 11 babies!

A attempt at a photo before church. Fail!!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Granny's Advice

Today, while cleaning at Granny's, I came across a journal Danny and I bought for her in 2005. It's full of questions and she was to fill it in. Sorda her life story when it's finished. I had hoped she would try to fill in some answers but in the back of my mind I figured she wouldn't because her eye sight had already gotten terrible at that point. I sat down on the edge of the bed and flipped through it and discovered she had indeed filled out some of it. It was very interesting to skim over and even comical at times. I took A photo of one of my favorite answers and then tucked it away where I found it.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Rain is Giving Me a Dry Sense of Humor

Feet First!

It has been the worst couple of weeks here I have ever experienced. This Summer has consisted of nothing but crying, arguing, rain, griping, cool temperatures, grounding the boys, storms, wind and defiance.

The first month was tolerable. They all sorda kept to their own spaces and didn't turn their claws on each other. But the last two weeks have been pure Hell. Simply because we have been stuck on top of each other. But mostly, they have been stuck up my rear.

I can't remember the last time I bathed alone, peed alone, ate without someone stealing my food because mine looks better even though its the exact same thing or went more then two minutes without cleaning up a disaster whether it be a mess or physical altercation.

Eli is still off all medications and I refuse to restart any. He eats. He sleeps (somewhat regularly most of the time). And he is generally more physically healthy for this. But....there's always a but. He is wound up tight all day long! He speaks so fast I usually can't understand him. And he still screams. Scream when he's mad. Screams when he's happy. Screams when he has a point to make. And screams pure nonsense.

Peyton is your typical teenager. He knows it all. Has done it all. But in on every adult conversation and is just plan "punk" 80% of the time.

Zackary is Zackary. Rarely does he every do anything that even compares to the others. His problem is he is a Momma's boy. He thinks I have to be within sight most of the time. He has no patience nor tolerance for his brothers. He should have been a only child. But it is what it is and he has three brothers that he has to put up with. Thing is.....he can't. He wants to be alone and in this house, it's just not possible. So he spends most of the day crying cause things just are not going his

Evyn is a follower. He is a mix of all three of them as well as me and Danny. He is mean, spoiled, defiant, screams, loves to be outside, loves him Momma, and is loyal.

Together, when stuck on top of each other on rainy days, it's pure chaos. They clash like family. So I guess our lives are pretty normal, huh.

On a brighter note I booked our condo on the beach for a entire week. We also decided to bring our friend along. She has helped me over the year to grow closer into the woman I want to be. She helps me with my children and all their issues tremendously. So, we decided that this year she would be coming along to help us as well as a reward for all she has done for us over the year. She truly is a gift to Danny and me and our boys. The changes she has helped me make are life changing not only for myself but the kids as well.  I would suggest that anyone of my followers who have children with any type of diagnoses find a TCS (therapeutic child-support specialist) and embrace them. They are truly a blessing. She has taken our family much farther then Lifeskills or Dr.'s with advice and our support group.

So, sense this day is finally coming closer to a end and we all survived being stuck inside once again I think we are going to enjoy a greasy supper then return home for a movie and bedtime. This week, I hope each of you are having a more peaceful week then us!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Parties, Hospitals and New Schools......Oh My

We had absolutely the best birthday party ever over the weekend. I always try to outdo myself each year but this time I have raised the standards too high. Even I will never be able to top this one. I don't mean to toot my own horn but seriously........toot toot toot!
We decided to rent a water slide inflatable from Backyard Partycreations. Not just any inflatable........the hoss of inflatables. I wish I had kept count of the bodies that came and went throughout the day (some of which left and then came back because their kids had a downright fit to return). I know I went through 60 hot dogs and my kids slept like they had been tranquilized. Not only did the kids have fun but the adults did as well. I knew I should have just hung out and supervised but I couldn't resist. I am still sore three days later. Thankfully today I don't feel like I still need a neck brace. I think all my kids made a memory.
Earlier in the the week Mom earned herself room and board at the hospital after a morning of working in her garden. She over heated and scared us to death.
Yesterday Mom and Dad took Eli and Zackary to the Creation Museum. Which reminds me of another topic I have not told you guys about. It's official. We now have a Savoyard Christian Academy. My school worries are over. Kinda. If you are interested in enrolling your children for August feel free to contact me and I can out you in touch with administration.
July came in quietly. It's been unseasonably cool. Yesterday and today have ran 10+ below average. Me personally.....I'm ready for 90+ degrees. I don't ever recall a summer this cool and wet.
I know I have been slacking with blog entries lately. Most seem more like a diary of our greater moments. I promise to do better. I hope your Summer is going smoothly with great diary moments too.

BTW......Eli's candy cake! Which was stripped clean!