Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Saturday project. Cleaning out the car. I was so proud I had to take a before and after. Today, Peyton spilled a whole soda in the back seat......

So........just by the pictures what do your eyes spy that I pulled outa the car?

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The boys had a fantastic time at Thunder. I have a few pictures of the planes but because of our location it was next door to impossible to snap the faster ones.  We did not stay the entire evening. We had a seat right under 2nd street bridge and the wind cutting through there was unbelievably COLD!! We opted to head home and watch the fireworks from the warmth of our couch. I hope to catch the fireworks next year and I'm crossing my fingers for the temps to be slightly warmer than 46 with a wind chill of what seemed like -12. From others pictures it seems like the best seats are on the Indiana side. I am very disappointed that I missed watching the sixty foot flags being suspended from the helicopters and flown over the river. It was absolutely amazing to see on T.V. I can't imagine what it was in person. Oh well. Always next year.

Dad has a birthday this week. Friday he will be seventy. I am having him a supper Friday night at 6pm at the Savoyard Jeffries Community Building. I would love for all his closest friends and family to join us. I have tried to call or stop in and invite folks close to us but if I don't contact you personally please join us. With three classes left this semester, preparing for summer classes, enrolling for Fall, starting Peyton at a new private school in Wisdom, along with the normal day to day routine I apologize if i don't call you personally. Please visit with him on his special day and bring a big appetite. I am having it catered by a great family who dishes out the best barbecue you will ever try.

Eli's mid term was spectacular. All A's and one B. Peyton's on the other hand...............
I know the potential this child has and for that reason I chose to pull him from MCMS and enroll him privately to finish out the year. Just as I suspected he worked fabulously once he was on a smaller classroom with less opportunity to be distracted. He is working out of the end of the 8th grade books and throwing out 100%'s right and left. I'm happy with the choice I made to remove him from public schools. I'm thinking seriously about enrolling all three boys in August if Peyton continues to improve. I noticed the attitude change in him from the first day he came home.

Last Friday Zackary, Evyn and me went to the Zoo. None of us were impressed. They are changing the layout and you have do a lot more back tracking then you use too. It reminded me of the first Zoo I ever visited when I was a wee tot. I'll have to dig out the pictures some day of my trip out west. That trip was one of my favorite memories. That is one of my favorite memories.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Let me work on my papers and don't bother me for 20 minutes. Not one word."
I wasn't interrupted with voices. Only a letter.
 I am so very tired. Physically and mentally. The end of this semester is getting awfully close and things seem to have sped up 200%. My little brain is on overload.

I still had not completely recovered from the school events that jolted me and Eli when I got the news that our aunt was near death. I prepared for that last week as well by making sure we would all be dressed appropriate for her service. Me and the boys were able to spend time with her as well. She passed away last night. Yet another jolt no matter how much you prepare. Telling the kids, Zac in particular, will be difficult this evening. I saw no sense in telling them before school this morning.

Yesterday was a difficult day. I am completely run down and tired of being the peace keeper. Always smiling, always diffusing situations, always making light of important things to simply avoid altercation, and always never allowing my feelings to show in fear they will escalate someones ill humor. Being nonchalant constantly is mentally draining. Last night I decided to hide in the tub and have a nice relaxing meltdown. Sure to help no one but myself which is something I never allow. Anything I say, do, read, study, discuss,ect. is never intended to only benefit myself. I always attempt to have everyone else in mind. Although I'm accused regularly of just the opposite. (yay for that a word? It is now) While sitting in the tub trying to wash away all of the day, I hear the pitter patter of little feet. It's Zac.
"Momma!!!.....I gots to poop"
"ok, then. Go to your bathroom and do it"
My face is covered with a rag at this point. But, I can still hear him stripping down and plopping a squat on my thrown instead of his own as I requested. I was already mid melt down by the time he decided he couldn't hold it any longer and simply had to come to my bathroom. I attempted the silent hissy fit. It's fooled other kids before........but my Zac wasn't falling for it.
"Momma, are you crying" (he's never witnessed this from me before and ask this in a way that obviously showed he was shocked)
"no Zac. I got soap in my eyes. You know Momma is silly"
"Why are you crying Momma" (this conversation went back and forth before I gave up and let him have the last correct assumption)

He never ask again, nor brought it up. He simply sat on the toilet making the funniest faces to go along with the most obscene sounds coming out from underneath him that I've ever heard. He sat there making faces, taking care of his business and throwing in some fake noises until I finally had to giggle. (for real, not fake) It was at that moment that I realized I have a little peace keeper taking care of me as well. Making me laugh when he knew I needed it and never mentioning the fact I had been upset again. Exactly what I would have done.

So today, I'm going to hate telling Zac about his Aunt Fanny. I blogged previously about his big heart. And big hearts break into a million little pieces, don't they?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Author: Unknown

Cleaning And Scrubbing
Can Wait
Till Tomorrow...

For Babies Grow Up
We've Learned
To Our Sorrow...

So Quiet Down
Dust Go To

I'm Rocking
My Baby,
And Babies
Don't Keep.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Herd.
All in a tie.
It was a fantastic day despite the sad circumstances. The boys sang beautifully at the nursing homes today. We all got a little more time with Aunt Fanny. I think she would have approved. Zac sat with her most of the evening simply watching her breath and holding her hand. Each time he left he would say "Aunt Fanny, I'm going to be right back" hoping for a response but never got one. The others peeked in but didn't linger like Zac. Each of my boys are precious but Zac amazed me today. Aunt Fanny's appearance I think scared the others but Zac looked beyond what was on the outside. Nurses, aides, family and friends watched him talking and holding her hand and had to turn away teary eyed. I am thankful I have such fine boys. And I am thankful we all had two more days to spend with such a fine lady.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mother Nature seriously needs some Lithium. I have now turned the heat back on and drug out coats and hats. 80 degrees to 60 has messed me up! Laundry has decreased by half because the kids were finally running shirtless, sockless and even pantless. Hey.......I think 6 and under can play in underwear if they choose too. :)

On a much sadder deeper not...I got the call today I'd been expecting for a couple weeks now. They called the family in for Aunt Fanny. I got the opportunity to sit alone with her a good long while and hold her hand and rub her hair. She knew I was there. I believe that. She tried with her best effort to make words come out but they would not. My Aunt is a tall slender blondie with exquisite taste. She always wore the best, drove the best, lived in the best, ect. Despite most who enjoy the finer things of life she also has the most spectacular demeanor to go along with it. Crazy about me. Spoiled my boys rotten. Made it to most ever birthday party, birth, get together, or hospitalization me or my children ever had. Today revealed a much different side of her. She's been sick for a while. Dementia. Today she had ghost white hair, pale skin, purple circles around her eyes, and weighed 88 pounds. Had her name not been on the door I would have sworn I was in the wrong room.

Tomorrow we will be going to buy suits for all the boys and Danny. She would be very disappointed if she thought we were standing over her casket in kakies and polo shirts. So, Fanny......for you my dear........we will be dressed in our best when the time comes. Feel free to stick around a little longer. Zackary is demanding to see his Aunt Fanny tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back tracking a eventful couple weeks. Here goes....

Two weeks ago this Friday Eli was doodling and drew a gun on his paper. That ended in the principle dismissing him from NME until he was evaluated. Once he was cleared and it was determined he was not a threat to himself or others we were allowed to return the following Monday. On Monday he took a pocket knife to school. We all know how that played out. We spent most of last week dealing with school and therapist. Ugh. I intended to pull him out because it looked like these sorda things were going to become our new norm. We toughed out last week and I allowed him to be searched daily. I realize it's "protocol" but when it's MY child it cuts a bit deep. No pun intended. He's NOT a threat people. He's OCD and uses his little knife to pick at his nails constantly. But, he told you that didn't he. Thank goodness he has a teacher who loves him as if he were her own. The love and appreciation I have for that woman is beyond words. I decided maybe Spring break would give him a break and he's come back and not feel the need to draw guns and bring knives. :)

We have a new reader in the family. Zackary rang the Literacy Bell last Friday. Three cheers for Zackary.

Tuesday I managed to be cussed by two grown men because I'm not a proficient backer uper. I do not take kindly to being cussed and before it was said and done they threaten to call the law on me. REALLY!? To make a long story short.....they had a wide load on a road they had no business on and were upset with me because I couldn't back up in a timely manner to allow them access. I told them where to go and offered to draw them a map of the roads that would safely get them to hell. Why must people be such a arse. Dude slammed on his breaks in the middle of the road like he was gonna jump out and whoop me. I'm not intimidated by anyone. I've had by little tail kicked a few times and I'm not scared of anyone. Least of all some men who think they could push me around with nasty words and the stink eye.'s terribly late and I have nothing spectacular to blog. Hope your week is going well and y'all are getting a much needed break.,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I cleaned Eli's room this evening and found this. In case your wondering its a bag full of sugar with a few rice crispys. This would explain his behavior yesterday. I was outside checking the moon and its phase when I should have been looking for sugar paraphernalia.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its not everyday that I take a shower. And its not everyday that I must holler from the shower "someone help Evyn. He has a bucket stuck on his head".