Saturday, June 30, 2012

Very proud of Ms. Lacy! Not many people are able to achieve such a accomplishment and do so with honors!
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy heat!!! 103 yesterday and 107 today. If we reach 108 it will be a record. Who keeps these records anyway?

What have I been up to the last week you ask......... we finally decided to try and go viral with my photographs. Seems a I have a small fan club. :) Check us out on FB. Here is my mission:

  Dragonfly Photography is a small family owned business that specializes in photographing children with emotional and mental disorders that do not feel comfortable or relaxed in a regular photography studio. I will photograph at any location of your choice (home, park, school, ect.) in a friendly, patient and relaxed atmosphere. Children with emotional and mental disorders feel more comfortable in their own environment, like a dragonfly.

     Although photographing children is where I find the most joy I also photograph weddings, family, senior photos, engagement and any special event such as graduations, birthday parties or anniversary celebrations. Enjoy your special event and know that you will have the fabulous memories captured without the stress of missing that "perfect shot" yourself.

     Our prices are extremely affordable. No return visits to pick out your portraits and no sitting fee cost. We simply charge by location/hourly. You are guaranteed many wonderful shots on a copyright free c.d. that you will be able to post or print as you see fit. We simply ask when printing, displaying and posting our photographs that you give credit to Dragonfly Photography.

     Pricing is simple. $75.00 for one location (clothing changes are allowed and encouraged for the best shots to be revealed) and up to one hour of photographing. $100.00 for two location and two hours of photographing. $150.00 for special events such as weddings. This price includes the ceremony and reception as well as photos of the wedding party members.  Please take into consideration that prices may vary slightly if my travel time and fuel exceeds a reasonable amount. If you have several locations in mind for sessions such as senior photographs, please contact me with your ideas and we will work out a reasonable fee.

     If you have a special needs child there is NO set time limit. I will stay and work patiently with your child until I feel I have enough photographs to present you with an excellent c.d. of captured moments.

***If you have a special needs child and cannot afford our fee due to medical expenses please contact me. I will gladly donate my time and services to give you wonderful photographs of your precious little one.***
Hunt us up on FB and "like" us. I really want parents to see the have options.
Tonight I will be photographing graduation at Daymar in Scottsville, KY. Congrats to all the graduates and a speical pat on the back to Ms. Lacy Houchens who graduated and already has great job offers. You got what it takes darlin'. Ambition to want more. We are very proud of you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Break for me is almost about  to begin. I just have a couple papers to email in by Friday and I am done for a undetermined amount of time. I am so ready to take a breather. I don't know how people go continuously for years.....wait.....yes I do......they have no life, no children, and are too young to realize they are missing out on life. I'm in the middle of a life reevaluation. There are two trainings that I intend to attend. One this Fall and one next spring. Both being several days long and out of town. I see now I don't  have to have a Psyc degree to make the difference in peoples lives that I want too. It's very invigorating to realize I am useful without a diploma. I have smiled a lot more the last few days. Things are going to be o.k..

I have great company for a few weeks. My adorable niece is with us for a while and we are all excited to have her. She's a bubbly burst of energy. And the added estrogen is great for me as well.

Peyton is staying at his Dad's for a while this Summer. He is a 13 year old ball of  "smart a$$" currently and we all needed a little space from one another. Hormones. Errrrrr. He and I were like oil and water. (Good luck Pop and Ma Houchens.......and thank you for the break from his mouth and attitude)

I am recovering from a severe sunburn. Lordy.......I have not been that crispy in years and years. Lesson learned. when laying in the pool sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! Eden (my niece) and I both were in misery for 2 days and nights.

The truck is officially rebuilt with a new motor and transmission. Time to play catch up and still try and get in a couple days on a beach before the kiddos head back to school. Repaying debt always comes first but i think a couple days away as I have promised the kiddos will do us some good. Who knows......maybe I can convince Eden to hang with us till time to go back to school so she can put her toes in some sand too.

Hope this Blog finds all you guys well and happy. I have no bad news to report. Nothing tragic. It's all good days and smiles here right now. I think this is a first for me.......:)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's go....
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

   Yesterday was a magnificent day. Stand for children was so fulfilling for Ms. Kerry and I. She made new friends and contacts while I put some smiles on as many little faces as possible. I enjoyed it beyond words. Thank you Kerry for letting me be a part of this day with you.

Spotted this little guy at Fountain Square while photographing two great gals yesterday.
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Miss Back When....

It's such a lazy Sunday. I HATE it.

I am reminded of years ago. Sunday was a event. On Friday nights Mom would wash my hair and sponge roll it. This process took no less then three hours. I slept in these wretched rollers for two nights, or at least rolled and wallered my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed and tried to close my eyes. Comfort would elude me often when a roller would become ill placed and pull.
On Sunday she would take them out. This hurt more then washing, combing and rolling combined. I usually lost a lot of hair due to the unruly rollers that wrapped and knotted around the little hinges on the rollers. She normally just gave these a good quick YANK.

I was known as Nellie when I had these huge ringlet curls. I'm certain the nickname came from the curls and not the little gal with the onery demeanor we all know.....;)

Sunday School, Church and then back home to enjoy huge meal Mom always had ready. Our home was never empty on Sundays. Full of family. Laughter.

When I married and moved out the only thing that changed was the rollers. For years we always went to Moms on Sundays to eat, gossip and sit on the porch. The T.V's were never on. The only entertainment was family.

As the years have passed we no longer do this anymore. I can't pinpoint when it happen. No Sundays are just any other day. T.V's blare from every room in my home. Kids are scattered in their own rooms. No one speaks to one another. We each entertain ourselves in a different way. I am no better. I usually spend this day cleaning and cooking after church.

What I would give for a Sunday like we use to have ten years ago. I miss back when. I wonder what my boys will remember about Sunday when they are my age. Sadly, I don't think they will carry any worth writing about. We never see family much aside from when I visit mine. Speeding time with family is a dieing tradition. We have no problem going to them for help but want nothing to do with them otherwise. Or, visa versa. This must change for me. This is not what I want for my children. I want them to feel just as smoothered with love and family and I was. :)  I want them to be happy staring at their grandparents on a Sunday instead of the T.V.  There will come a time when they are gone and I'll wish I'd done something differnt. It's time to start living in a way that I will leave no room for regrets.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fifty Shades of Crazy, a XX rated version of Twilight.

Monday has never kicked my butt so much before. I woke up around the normal time. Much past 5 a.m and I'm done with restful sleep.I had a private shower at 6:00 a.m and it was by far the highlight of my day. I never get a peaceful, private bath. Never. Ever. I had blood work done at 7:15 and never even felt the needle. Yay! I can't remember everything she wanted tested. off the top of my head I recall cholesterol, thyroid, liver functions and some sort of three month sugar average test. I've not heard back yet. I suppose these things take time. I'm not concerned. I figure worse case is that I'm just a little too sweet sometimes. ;)

Summer classes started today. I listened to a man talk about theater for four hours straight. I didn't get sleepy, but only because he was such a great speaker. Probably the best I've ever heard. He could have speeched the phone book in such a way that it would have been entertaining.

I jumped on the band wagon and bought the three Fifty Shades of Grey books. I made it through the first book and was not overly impressed. Here is my take on the books....They are very similar to Twlight. Coincidence? Maybe. Burnett gal who is quite, polite and a young adult falling for some mysterious well raised, clean cut, handsome rich boy who proclaims to her many times he's no good for her and she should stay away from him. He adorns her with lavish gifts. He keeps his distance. Nice cars. Grey flew a helicopter, Cullin just......flew. I personally think she might have stolen the idea for these from Ms. Stephanie Myer. But, who am I to judge a book. I'm just saying....Mr. Cullin and Mr. Grey both have a large secrete that only few know about. Between the two I would pick Twilight. I prefer the rated PG-13 stuff these days.

Friday, June 1, 2012

There are few movies that hold my attention. I added one to the list tonight. "We Bought A Zoo"

Today was a odd day. Bout' all I can say about that.

The truck is still limping but Daddy stepped in today and got chit done. So, in five days we will have a completely rebuilt truck. He knows everyone. He's a good fella to have on your side in a battle.

I finally downloaded some pictures off my camera I wanted to share. A few from Zac's graduation and he and Eli's last day of school. The one that is my favorite in one of me glancing at Eli's hand propped on my shoulder. Him touching me is a about as common as Unicorns. It was a good day.

My patience is gone. My nerves are raveled.

Today I tried to do something nice for Eli. A couple weeks ago Peyton bought him a boomerang at Cracker Barrel. Eli has spent hour after hour throwing that thing and running after it until came back to him. When he finds something he enjoys he sticks with it until it's perfected. With that in mind I bought him one of those huge foam airplanes today. I just knew I'd see that smile of his when he saw what it was. WRONG. It was broken. He cried. I tried to glue it. He cryed, again. We duck tapped it because you can't Gorilla Glue foam (mental note taken). He flew it once and the wings fell off. He cryed, again. And then the fussing began. "Why would you buy me this. You known it was broken. You known it's fall apart. I hate this. Why does does every hate me?"
All this because I just wanted to do something nice and buy him something I thought he'd enjoy. I dream of hearing "thank you, Mom. I love it. And I love you. (followed by a huge hug) But, that's not my world. I'll settle for his little hand on my shoulder while posing for a picture.

Cajun Shrimp polish by OPI. Best color ever! I finally found someone who will allow me to paint their toes in this house to match mine. ;)