Friday, June 23, 2017

Catch Up X 5 = a long post.

Let's do this y'all. Wow, I've missed sitting down with my own thoughts and putting them down on paper so to speak. 
It's going to take me a few post to catch up so let's jump right in feet first. 
Oldest to youngest. 
Peyton turned 18 In January. High school is behind him and has been since last year. Now it's the real world of bills, fiancĂ© and baby on the way. That's right. I'm gonna be a Grammy in October to a bouncing baby boy and we are so ready to spoil him rotten and send him home with his parents. 

Eli.........14 next month. 
New Dr. and receiving disability. This is his life and we have imbraced it fully. He is still home schooled. I still use a technique called "unschooling". Basically, I want him to be able to do his own laundry, balence his own money and care for himself in the event something happens to me. Unschooling uses everyday life and turns it into a learning experience. 
He's on a new med that's right on the bullseye. Saphris. It's been doing a fablous job since January. Insurance won't cover it. $740.00 a month. But that's a blog for another day when I want my blood pressure up. 

Zackary. 11 last March. Autistism is more profound now. He's older and knows he different. It's been a hard year for him. Kids can be such assholes. He's so stinking brilliant it's scary. His mind is beautiful. We just sit back in awe of the information he has hidden away in that brain of his that he can sift through and pull out at any given time like a walking Encyclopedia. 

Evyn is all boy. 7 years old now. Sweet. Conniving. Hard working. Loves to farm. Hunt. Help Daddy on the farm. And Daddy loves to have him around when he's mowing hay, planting corn and beans, working cattle.......Evyn is saving up everything he's learning. No doubt to farm one day too. He says it's a toss up between the Airforce and farmer. 

Miss Maddy is 2. Spoiled so much she stinks. She loves Minnie Mouse, Play Doh and swinging. She's a Daddy's girl except at bedtime.  She will spark many post . Daddy calls her TK (tornado Kate) and she lives up to the name well. 

Thankfully, as for me, I'm pretty much back to 100% now. 
Separated pelvis has healed. It was right at 2 years before I could go all day and not make a weird sudden move and be reminded of it with a sharp pain. 
Postpartum Anxiety is under control now with Celexa and I have no plans of stopping it. Ever. 
I have gone back to work. I'm back in full swing with my own buisness adventure. Lucky Duck Discount.
Danny has gone to day time work so he can be home to help me with the kids. Have a teen that's suffering with an conduct disorder and preteen on the spectrum gets overwhelming. But we are getting through it and the kids are doing very well. 

I am looking very forward to getting back into sharing our moments with y'all.