Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The day was magnificent. As luck would have it the truck is limping which allowed Danny to spend Halloween with us. I think in the course of 9 years that's happen once before.
The parties at school were so much better with a parent there for each child. It was a lot less classroom jumping for me.
Eli was a Zombie, Zac was Captain America and Evyn was Scooby. Peyton didn't dress up or trick or treat this year. Sad. But Danny and me agreed next year we will dress up and Pey will follow suit. We are never to old to enjoy Halloween. (let me add I know I am too big a gal to pull off some sexy critter with a tail and some of you I saw today are too)

Daddy flipped Evyn out with my Ma's wig. ( the same one I wore more times to count as a kid)

I showed off my mad pumpkin carving skills to the kids. Lol

I hope each of you all had a fantastic night. Now its time for my second favorite thing to taking the kids out......pouring the candy out on my bed and picking my favorite. :) Looks like Danny is already in the loot which BTW filled up a 31 Utility Tote.
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Leave it to Pinterest to give me the Duct Tape boots idea.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Santa......
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Zackary has referred to himself as Super Zac for about a year. I. had been promising him a cape for the same amount of time.
Today when he came home I had quickly threw one together today. He was happy. He has worn it all evening. He now has a Captain America fetish and his only request.....another one that says "CZ" for Captain Zac.
I wish I had made it longer and came up with a better idea to tie it around his neck. Suggestions?
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I don't know whether to cry or celebrate. He has discovered he can PLAY ALONE!

I'm sure its a tease and he will be reattached to my arse before morning.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

I had a boss tell me once that no matter how bad his day had been, he made a point to reply to anyone who asked how he was with "fantastic". It did not matter when or where you saw this man was always bubbling and was always fantastic. I can't always muster up a "fantastic" but I do always make a "fine" or "good" come out. I am never negative to anyone for fear they will tell me how they "REALLY" have been and then....well......I'll have to show them up with how bad it really can be.
For the record....Mr. Fantastic went to prison for tax fraud. I saw him not long ago. He was not so fantastic anymore and did not attempt to fake it. Proof money does bring happiness.

My car perked back up today. Thank goodness. I need 6 more months.

Dad was given a appointment for another test. Sleep Apnea. He should have had that checked into years ago.

I have still managed not to smoke. No one has died yet, but I have my mind on someone.

Tonight, football practice and kickball games. Tomorrow, parent teacher meetings. OhhRaa.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picture Dump

As if Vinegar, A1, and syrup was enough Evyn poured buttermilk out in Zac's room.

Peyton shot his first doe of the season yesterday morning.

And personal favorite....Eli made the mistake of fusing about being bored. I dumped the sock basket for him to sort and match.

The trampoline flipped over my car this a.m. And somehow landed almost back on its feet. Not without denting two huge spots in my hood and knocked off paint all the way to metal tho. That car has been through the ringer......but .....this evening it finally gave up the good fight. We really wanted to keep it for six months but it's not going to be feasible. Next week....vehicle shopping. I'm still unsure what I want exactly and I'm considering leasing too.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A few things are bugging me today to no end!! I think it must be the early on-set of Mad Cow.

Today, again, I mad the choice to stop smoking. Yes, I've quit about five times but never really wanted to till now. I loved smoking, till now.

Yesterday I threw down a cigarette butt and Evyn picked it up and put it in his mouth. Dad took "the tone" with me. "The Tone" gets me every time and every time he is always correct. Case in point, when he told me to leave the husband that cheated on me when I was six months pregnant with his son..........but I did not. He used his tone and told me I'd be sorry. I was. I wasted years more of my young life in a vicious cycle when I should have never looked back after being humiliated, degraded, taken advantage of and having my unborn child disrespected. Looking back, I don't know how I did not go into premature labor. From that point foward I made it my own personal mission to shock and hurt this man to the extent he did me. I should have listened to my Daddy sooner. Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with intent to throw it at someone. I was burned worse then anyone.
"The Tone" has prevented me ever since from making bad choices from money to divorce to raising my children. How in the heck did that man get so smart? He literally knows everything!! Is it a parent thing? Or is he super natural? it's like he can see into the future before it happens. So when he told me I was setting a bad example by smoking in front of that moment I was done. Dang Tone does it every time. If only I had realized that man knew everything about 15 years sooner.

It seems I have someone who is trying their best to intertwine themselves into my life. Just recently it was brought to my attention about a few things this person had done and until I sat back and looked closely i'd never realized the extent they's went to be so nosey in my life. FB can be such a wonderful way to get the word out about events, family, work,ect. but it can also be a sneaky way to nose in my business with MY FAMILY and MY FRIENDS. It looks odd when folks you know states away are on a particular persons FB as well and you know good and dam well they don't know them from Adam. I have made it clear if I have something to say too you or about you I will confront you. I am not a manipulative chicken and have to snoop around acquaintances on FB to see if I can read anything interesting. (See. I told you I was suffering from Mad Cow. At this moment I am having visions of punching someone in the throat for not staying on their side of the line.)

14 years ago yesterday I found out I was having a boy. Peyton. Time flys when you go through two divorces and a rocky patch in the third inning. I am so thankful all that is behind me and it's smooth sailing from here on out. It is so nice to reach a point where things are easy. I have waited for this point in my life for a long time. It's nice.

Today's mission......Danny is gonna treat me to a new sewing machine. It seems this domestic stuff suits me. Maybe I will start sewing body bags.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Time to cope.
Dad has had a heart attack. But, laughed and smiled with those big old blue eyes and told me. I did not have to hear it from Mom or from EMT's or Paramedics. That alone amazes me. He is the strongest man I know.
Test today showed the left side of his heart isn't pumping out blood sufficiently enough and he has formed a knot in his heart because of this inadequate pumping. Indication of a heart attack. He also has a rusty valve that will be watched closely. Test also showed a cardiac calcium level of 700. This is not good. Also, his heart is out of rhythm and he has a mumur. He will wear a monitor for 30 days and will be having the arteries checked in his neck next week.
I learned today that aneurysms are not what is hereditary (BTW the knot in his heart is not a aneurysm) but it's diseased arteries that are hereditary.
Dad is a fighter. This is just simply a hurdle he will overcome so he can get a clean bill of health and have his back surgery. Till then, it's on hold per his heart Dr.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Besides the beach, there is absolutely no place any of us would rather be. This takes the sting away from missing Daupin Island.
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I should totally be cleaning after the whole episode with the condiments last night. As soon as I vent a moment I will be shampooing the carpets once more to cut the "pickled" smell out of Zack's bedroom. It's also time to pack up the summer clothes.

I have Dad on my mind today. He would sure kill me for outing his business on the Internet but we all have ways of coping to deal with bad or questionable news and this is mine.

I mentioned in a earlier blog he had agreed to another back surgery because the pain had became almost unbearable. He decided as soon as his beans were out of the field he'd schedule it. He has been having pain and pressure in his chest when he exerted himself and he convinced us it was due to his back being so out of sorts. His family Dr. gave him nitro tabs to carry and Dad continued to think it was silly. He also was refereed to a heart Dr which he saw last week. Unfortunately, she spotted something that needed attention.  His Daddy, my Grandpaw, passed away at home when a aneurysm busted, so that's always a concern since it is hereditary. Daddy doesn't seem to think this is the case since he has precautionary tests done regularly since grandpaw passed to look specifically for this. So, now he is scheduled for several more test. This must be addressed before he can schedule his back surgery. If he were to come to your mind please remember him. I have not had near enough time with him yet and I need him healthy.

Peyton started practice/weight lifting for high school foot ball today. HIGH SCHOOL! It seems like I was just in high school a couple years ago. Time flys. Having a child going to high school soon makes me realize how fast they grow up........and makes me think maybe one more baby in the house would be nice. Five boys would be a team, technically. Just saying.....

I finished Danny's knitted blanket just in time for it to be back in the 50's at night instead of the 30's. It took me a month and isn't even the size of a actual blanket. More like a throw. But, he was pleased to have it because he has yet to turn the heat on in his truck. After seeing his Daddy's, Eli requested one.

Speaking of Eli, man oh man. That's all I'm gonna say about that his today. That's a blog in its own.

Zackary went through a few days last week of writing letters and pointing and not speaking. It was very frustrating. I realize being non-verbal is part of it sometimes......but he can speak and chose not to. His vocabulary is amazing. He can use huge adult words correctly but struggle finding the right smaller word.

Peyton is doing better. No huge school issues except for a minor one yesterday evening and he wasn't allowed to ride the bus home. Best I can tell, and the principle agreed, the driver was having a bad day and chose to make a example out of Peyton. of course Peyton had to be mouthy (where does he get that from anyway....) and removed from the bus. I think both Peyton and the driver acted like a complete arsehole.

I am still collecting jeans for Dean's Blankets. I am looking forward to making this drive with Danny and seeing a new state. It may be the only snow I ever see this winter.

On another note, we have decided to adopt a kitten for Zackary. We asked his if he's rather have another brother or a kitten. He chose kitten. I told Danny I'd give it serious thought if he convinced Zac of a brother. Danny's response, "I'm screwed."  I have chosen the fur baby......a white Persian blue eyed baby. Do you know how expensive these little boogers are? Check it out. How I manage to always pick the unicorn of critters I have no idea. But, our plan is in the making with a nice couple in Indiana. 

Christmas is CLOSE! Peyton has asked for a new pair of lace up boots so far. Zackary has asked for the following after i told him to think about what he wanted from Santa and us...

Me-Bumblebee Transformer with a drop helmet

I must learn how to feel it's O.K. not to give my children everything they ask for. I feel such a sickening guilt when I don't.

On another note.....the combine has now relocated to in front of our home and it's time to get dressed so Evyn can have his farming fix for the day. Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have been looking forward to tonight. When cold weather is coming, and I know I'm about to have severe cabin fever before Spring rolls around, its exciting to know all the good shows are coming back on. At 9pm I plopped on the couch and enjoyed 45 peaceful minutes of Nashville. All the kids had fallen asleep. Evyn had been hanging out with Peyton, and the silence lead me to the false sense he was passed out as well. Wrong. During a commercial break I got up to retrieve him and put him in bed when I discovered he had poured pancake syrup, mustard, ketchup, vinegar and A1 out in Zac's room. I caught him red handed with the syrup. He immediately started in with his new sentence..."no pank Momma." I had to step out....laugh....then return with my stern Momma voice. Danny says I'm totally wrapped around his little finger. Maybe. A little.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

This has been a extremely difficult few weeks. Eli is .........ummm.....hard to handle. And his little sidekick is in to everything!! This morning his feet hit the floor two minutes before mine did and this is what happen. I had Parmesan Cheese in Eli's room, down the hall and on the couch and in the rug. Great times and it's all before 8:30 a.m.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boys Need To Get Dirty

Spotted this little idea and had to try it. Its cheap enough. Corn Starch, a little food coloring and water. Its impossible to describe what this concoction does. Its a combo of a solid and a slime. Huge fun. We will do this again, soon.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Pinterest project with the boys. Paint filled Ziploc bags tapped down. Huge success!
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