Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is this not the sweetest thing ever? No lip about the two year old sucking a baba. Please and thank you. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

P.S. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

Happy happy birthday to my Zac. 6 years old today. As you all know I have a little one who is recovering from RSV and between that, my Psyc Major (in the works) and a hiccup at school the last few days I was unable to make cupcakes and celebrate with Zac and his class today. Don't fret.....we had a party last weekend at Ralphies Fun Center where we bowled, played games, ate too much pizza and foundered on cake and ice cream. Still, it hurt me that I could not celebrate again today on THE ACTUAL date of his birthday. Thank you a million times to Ms. Tonya who jumped in and played Momma for me today. I delivered bubbles and candy and she sent me proof that he had a good time.

Dear Zac, I love you to the moon and back. You are thoughtful, always smiling and always making everyone laugh. You are happy with the simplest of things, yet it is my goal to give you everything you want and more. You have brought more joy to my life then words could ever express. Waking up to your smiling face keeps me going. Your hugs and kisses are gold. I store these moments away in hopes you never become to big to "kiss Momma." I miss you while your gone, even to school for the few short hours. I am so proud to call you my big 6 year old baby boy. I love you. I love you. I love you.

PS. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

RSV came to visit Evyn for about the 8th time in his two years of existence. Here is the proof of it's Hometown. Hell. What else besides RSV lives there ya think?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last night was a all nighter. Breathing treatments, useless trips to the back porch in hopes the March air did not feel like May's still, hot showers and standing in front of the freezer door with him. His airway was not opening. At 8 this a.m he landed himself a steroid shot in each thigh. And then..........a Strawberry Milkshake.

I guess this is what I get for letting him mow in a only a diaper and Crocks yesterday.

They should consider making these straws fater.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Enjoy Life Down To The Last Drop

As I sit here listening to the silence I started to roll around the things I am thankful  for. Some are small where as others are huge. It's a given that I am thankful for health, a home, the boys, living parents, a working fella, ect. But if it were not for the little things that fill in the little gaps in my life, it would sure be boring. After my trip over the weekend I realized that I am happiest at home surrounded by all those little things. Here goes...

The smell of my sheets. You know, that crisp clean smell that we all believe that only our clothes possess and everyone else's stink!?

The sound of my ceiling fans that run 24/7 year around. Not for the breeze they produce but for the low rumble that makes my home, sound like my home.

The faint frogs, crickets, cows, dogs, coyotes, tractors or train whistle. One of which I can hear at any given time. Sometimes even all at once. It takes special ears that have lived in the country for many years to decipher these sounds and identify them if they all are serenading at once. It's lovely.

The freedom to walk around in my own home barefooted because I know it's safe to eat off my floors. Who knows who's nasty skanky sweaty feet have slopped around on hotel, condo or cabin floors. My OCD does not migrate well into a new place I'm supposed to call home for 3 days.

My porch. I can usually see all the huge things previously mentioned I'm thankful for from there in the evenings.

My sweet Zac lost two teeth in one day. Zac has been waiting for the moment he finally got to put two teeth under his pillow for YEARS! I'm sure what seemed like forever for him. Up until that day I sure that was the single greatest moment of his existence. It was almost identical to the celebration dance Peyton preformed the day he discover he had not only grown one arm pit hair.......but two......under each pit!! We all need to revert back to childhood. Find the small things in life that make us giggle like a kid. Being a adult is nothing like I had planned. It's full of bills, deadlines, appointments, death, disappointment, divorce at least once now days and jobs we did not intend to have. It's a cliche but it's true.....Love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't. And believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life-let it. Nobody said that life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
All of you who seem down.....and there are many of you. You know who you need for name calling. Go back to the day you were 5 years old and lost your first tooth. Remember how excited you were to know you were gonna put that tooth under your pillow and wake up to .50 cents. (BTW, teeth have increased in value as much as gas has in 25 years. Zac was rewarded 5 bucks for each of his) If coming home is not like money under your pillow. If playing with your children is not like Christmas morning. If waking up each day healthy is not like a school Easter egg hunt. If seeing a 70 year old couple holding hands does not make you want to be a better companion. If the laughter of you children does not inspire you to keep on keeping on. If you cannot find the simple joy in what should be our Tooth Fairy so to speak. Then reevaluate your thinking and make the appropriate changes. As I mentioned is also full of death. Was today what you would have planned it to be, if it were your last? Don't allow the last memory someone has of you to be a fight, a nasty word, hurt feelings, sad eyes caused by you on the faces of your children, family and friends. Do you have small things as well as huge things that make you happy to be alive? If not....who's fault is that? Who is paying the price for your unwillingness to adore every ounce of life?
I think this is the first time I have sat down in 10ish days.
No school today. I'm so out of the loop that I did not know MC was out till yesterday. SURPRISE!
Last weekend D and I went to the Smokies for 3 days. It was cut short because we missed our own bed and felt guilty doing anything without the herd. Lesson learned. Next time we take the kids and my parents for sitters. Dad has requested we take the kids to Dollywood for 3 years. I am bypassing Dollywood and finding a beach somewhere instead. I have discovered that if you have saw the Smokies once you have saw them 275 times. I closer to 275. Eventually it's nothing to see or photograph except a big rock. It's time to drive farther. I was very disappointed with our cabin and the location. It was loud. The view was nice, if you could get past the trailers in the valley that had the barking dogs. Sh*t, I can see and hear that in Bristle. We did eat at some pretty nice places and I bought a kick arse pair of Air Maxes. Other then that we wished we had just hid out in BG for the weekend. Still, a big ole great big THANKS to Momma Lacy and Pops Mike for keeping Zac the weekend. We left Eli at Moms with Evyn. It's no surprise that they are peas in a pod. Plus, Eli was a sick little boys for several days. Strep whooped his tail. It finally took a shot to put him on the rd to mend.

Tomorrow is Zac's party. He is getting a new swing set for his birthday and we are breaking down and getting our 4th trampoline this weekend as well. The boys love them and so do I. It's a very humane way to trap a 2 year old if they have the enclosures.

Eli is doing well. We are still on the same cocktail of medications. This week he has been a bit manic and had some serious rages. I am still hunting for a good therapist. Medication is a big part of controlling his Bipolar but there comes a time you need to learn thinking strategies for calming yourself down. That time came a year ago.

Yesterday I nailed my first 100 on a test in Psyc. I have gotten several 100 on in class work, homework and group work but never on a test. I was stoked to say the least.

After giving it some thought I decided to take summer classes. I don't have as much time to play with as the babies I attend with. I need to finish. I have 4 other college educations to pay for starting in 5 years. UGH.

This week marked the first time I mowed the yard this year. Excited is a understatement. By August you can guarantee I will be willing the yard to dry up and die.

We adopted the new puppy. Willa never found her way home. We have been through several names for this gal. Presley, Ada, Toot and Sissy are a few we have tried. I think Sissy may be the one that sticks. The verdict is still out. Zac LOVES calling her Presley but Evyn can not begin to say it.

The highlight of my week so far.......I bought a new stainless fryer at the Walmart :) and a Swifer Wet Jet. So far both make life easier. 5 stars for each. If you have hard wood or 4 boys that can't hit a big bowl of water that's been in the same spot since they were birthed,  then the wet jet is something you need to try at least once. So far there has not been a low point. Yay.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Supper terrific day out and about with some of my herd.

 Eli was home today again with Strep. He is allergic to his meds they prescribed and projectile puked all night. After the meds had worked their way back up, he was good to go. He still looks like a ghost. I'm questioning if he will go tomorrow. The verdict is still out.

My Stacy gave me a hawt little cut and color today. Thanks for all the FB comments on the pictures. You guys are the best. Bold, sexy, hawt, daring. All great words for the spirit.

Today while delivering Granny to get her hair did, we got into a bit of a heated argument. I try not to cross Granny but sometimes my mouth over rides my brain. She was paying very close attention to the wind damage for several minutes until finally she said "We are living in The End now" (Meaning the end of time for those of you who had to read that twice in hopes it's make more sense the second time.) Now let me remind you that I am fixing to celebrate my 4th 29th birthday and for as long as i can remember we have been living in The End as proclaimed by Granny. I can also recall as a child Granny saying her Daddy claimed for 90 years that the end was near. Granny continued to explain how God was sending winds, fires, and now these massive destructive tornadoes to let us know the end was near. Before I realized I snapped back with "or it could be how warm and and pressure and cold air clash together." Dammit. Why must I open my mouth. Errrrrr.

I received a tip today on Willa and spent most of the evening knocking on doors. It only resulted in upsetting the kids again. No Willa. But, I will continue to search for my sweet little girl until I have proof that I should stop. Word of mouth and a hefty reward seems to open ears a little more. Money along with a 6 year old teary eyed and stating firmly he misses his little doggie cause she was the bestest friend he's had since he was free (three) years old. She's better turn up soon. I have terrible, no good, very bad plans for some folks. I tend to act out these plans and ask questions later. Another flaw of mine. People who take things from children belong on the fourth shelf in hell right next to............nevermind. ;)

Hope yall enjoyed this beautiful day. On the genda for tomorrow.......manacure, mystic tan, a little spring clothes shopping, and a few more trips around the block in the day light for Ms. Willa. the last couple days were a little hairy but tomorrow I intend to begin my Spring Break.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What a whirlwind of a week.
For a  few days I had anywhere from 6-9 kids in the house. A two year old and a nine month old was a experience. It made me very happy I am close to being done changing diapers. I thought when that part of my life was over I'd be lost as to what I could do all day. Now.........I realize it won't be so bad after all.

Willa was never returned. After hearing Evyn holler for her day after day for two weeks Danny suggested I adopt another one. I declined at first but after some thought and a few more days of the kids asking for her, I made a call. We now have a sweet little gal named Presley. My intentions are to adopt another little girl shortly. I'd like another who has one of the same parents as Willa had. There is no better company late at night then a little loyal doggie.

This is Spring Break for me. I did not have to go to class today or tomorrow. I was going to clean, paint, get a hair cut, do some spring clothes shopping, clean out closets, ect. But, I have a 8 year old that had a positive Strep test today.  While waiting for the test results the 2 year old had a screaming fit in the doctors floor. I rubbed him down with the fancy germx foam they have mounted next to door in the room. I sure that roll in the floor will result in another trip this week.

 My turn for a trip is coming and IT WAS EARNED!!! Not a trip to the Dr tho. Much better than that.

On a different note, I'm on the hunt of a washer/dryer. I have one of the new style front loaders and I've about had my limit with the quality and the payment. I miss the old style that actually allowed me to run a drum full of hot water and let my whites soak in bleach. I've decided they are going to resume their spot back on a showroom floor. Give me the water hoggers back.

I started Eli on the new med today. I figured it was a good time since he's home for a few days. So far so good. The med they gave him for strep didn't go so well. It was thick and made him gag. No details will be given for what happen next.

Hope you have a fantastic week and all are healthy.