Friday, April 22, 2011

*Since when?

Four children. I will use that statement alot. But, this will be the one spot in my life where I will not apologize for anything I say or do too much. So, there!
When did I decide I wanted four kids? IDK that I ever thought that. I guess honestly, after 2 boys ya can't help but want that baby girl. Then after you have 3 boys ya more try won't hurt. 3 can't be that much different from 4. Then you reach 4 and the thought of a daughter makes you laugh historically because the four boys you have are gonna be the death of you. And before you die they are gonna put you in NHC nursing home to pee and poop on yourself while they enjoy spending your 401K.

Back to my point. Children. Four of them to be exact. I have wanted children since I was young. My oldest son was born when I was 18. Yes, I was a bit pregnant when I graduated high school. But, I graduated. I started dating Peyton's Daddy when I was 17. Even then I was taking no precautions not to have a baby. Not because I was stupid and uneducated (actually, maybe I was just a little) but because I sincerely wanted a baby. Sadly at the time I was too green to know they grow up and get a smart mouth and you think you should have the right to take their life, since you are the one who gave it to them.

Even earlier then that I was babysitting. Most gals do this at age 12ish so they can earn some spending money. I done this to learn. It was a course to me. I was a sponge soaking up diapering tips, nursing or bottle feeding, best nap times, best brand of wipes,soaps and foods. I wanted a baby so bad. I could not wait to be a Mommy.

Before this, I remember sitting on the porch of the playhouse Daddy had built me and rocking a baby. I was around six. I was pretending to be nursing this baby. (let the record show, I did nurse all of my babies!)

At age 3ish is when my plan was set to motion. I was sitting at a teeny tiny piano holding one of my hundred baby dolls. I had baby's that cried, sucked a bottle, peed, felt warm if you filled them with hot water, ect. I had just saw a commercial for a baby on TV and was planning my approach with Daddy. Everything had to be okayed  by Daddy. I was a nervous wreck because Daddy wasn't easily convinced. Those of you who know him know that hes a very big, stern man. He scared me. But, I was gonna ask for this baby anyway.
I worked up the nerve and ask and I will never forget his words. "There will be alot of things you ask for that I will never consider buying for you Kathy Jo, but a baby doll is not one of them. They are teaching you to be a good Mommy."

So, that's it. That's when I decided I wanted children. I guess because my Daddy thought I'd be a good Mommy one day. Why else was he buying me every baby doll known to man? All I ever wanted was to make that big man proud. I am still learning how to be a good Mommy, everyday! Thing wasn't the baby dolls that taught me. It was that man who bought them.

When did you decided you wanted children?


  1. I love it! The last part almost made me cry. It's about time you started a blog to keep up with all those funny things that could only happen to "you", most of which are caused by those sweet, smart, adorable boys of yours. In response to your comment "Maybe because I feel I haven't really accomplished anything worth bragging about" have fulfilled your lifelong dream of being a mom, and a mom of FOUR at that! That alone is the most important job anyone can do, and how many people can honestly say they accomplished their childhood dream? That IS worth bragging about! Anxiously awaiting your next post.......

  2. That was a great first post! One tiny bit of criticism...out of love, I assure you! You need to watch your proof reading. The spell check messed you up on "historically".
    I can't wait to hear more about life with four boys! Especially what little Satan is up to these days!