Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day is over and my list is in progress.....

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.......kinda. We waited at The Crack for a hour an a half  to eat. It took us less time to eat. I will never do that again. It was so ordinary. By no means a family Thanksgiving. It was easy on Mom tho, so for that I am thankful.

After our meal Danny and me scattered kids here there and yonder and I finally got to see Breaking Dawn. Amazing! By far the bet one so far. I hate where it ended but they have to keep yall non readers in suspense. I could tell you how it ends but I won't ruin it for you. Danny loves how I commentate him through the movie a step ahead of when it happens. He also loves how I can name the characters and their orgins before the movie reveals it. As if it's not bad enough that he has to sit through a chick vampire love story with me, he has to listen  it play by play before it actually happens. READ THE BOOKS PEOPLE!! Thanks Lacy for watching my little monster so I could see it.

Danny was supposed to leave early this morning again, but woke up with a Migraine. Migraine = puke. Needless to say he left late and took number 3 with him. I knew it would be a bit more peaceful with just two kids here this weekend so I suggested if one went that it be Zac since Eli has been sick this week. At the last minute I tried to convince him to stay with me cause I knew come night time he'd want his Mommy, but it was useless. He was convinced he was going to Pennsylvania. Needless to say he's called me a couple times "just to hear my voice". I love that baby boy. Danny always said Dr. Mody neglected to cut the cord when he was born. Almost six years later and he's still attached.

So, it's just me and the two E's tonight. Today we done some decorating. Not much tho since I'm dealing with Mad Cow.

I did not attempt Black Friday shopping. I done that a few years. I decided it wasn't good timing to go to jail for assault since Danny was already late delivering. Remember......Mad Cow.

I start B12 shots Monday. I am ready to kick this exhaustion in the arse. I have a life to live already.

So Christmas is just around the corner. We have been writing Santa letters here. I decided to make one of my own and make it extra easy. Like a picture book. Have a great weekend and take this time to memorize my letter, Santa. I will add to it as the month continues so be sure to keep checking back.

 I think pictures are easiest. If not let me be clear. Bamboo sheets in nude. Ugg Sweater Boots as pictured.  A pedistal sink identical to the one pictured. Toms shoes. This is a great company. They donate a pair of shoes to needy children for ever pair bought! Black counter tops. A fan type ceiling fan. More hardwood to finish out my house and a claw foot tub. Please and thank you. I will try to add smaller less expensive items but at this time I can't think of any. Unless of course Santa, you can see that my children always believe in you.........then you can keep all the gifts in the world in exchange for that. If not......I'll be expecting a claw foot tub in white please. I'll need it to soak in in years to come. Do you realize that if my four children have only two children each that that means they will bring home 8 more little monsters?! You know what Santa.......better add a Hot Tub to my list. I know I had one already and gave it away but I was delusional and pregnant and sad cause I couldn't use it and didn't want to stare at it on my back porch. If you could see fit to find me another I'd forever be grateful.

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