Monday, January 16, 2012

13, THIRTEEN, 1-3, One Three......It stinks any way ya say it.

 I have so much in this house that needs to be done. Mondays are always my cleaning day because the kids have herded off to school. Today it's raining which is a perfect ingredient for a cleaning day. Unfortunately there is no school today. Last Friday was a snow day. That's four straight days of kids. My home and me need a break. My one little nerve is holding on for dear sweet life in anticipation for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. I will officially have a 13 year old. A Teenager. I had Peyton when I was 18. We have grown up together. I have been raising babies my entire adult life. This year my resolution was to do something I thought was impossible (and there are many but  I chose only one).  Classes begin a week from today. All a person can do is try, right? 

The weekend was relaxing for a few hours on Saturday. Thankfully there are two Mommy's and two Daddy's in our family. Mike and Lacy entertained the kids while we strolled Bowling Green. 13 is a big year and needed a nice gift. These things take peaceful thinking and what my new found writer/blogger mom likes to call, Mommy Juice.

I found nothing at the book store that screamed "I'm a great gift for a 13 year old" however I found a lot that spoke "I'm a great gift for the Mother of a 13 year old".

I have no idea why I bought every book that spoke to me. Danny is convinced that when classes begin I will have no time do much of anything. I hope it's not as paralyzing as he has made me believe. Maybe it's just a survival tactic he's pulling with me. Ya know, make me think it's going to be a near death experience so I get all pumped up and worried only to find it's much easier than I was prepared for. If that is you plan dear, it's working.

I have been told I am very indecisive and couldn't make a decision on my own if my life depended on it. I am happy to report that this one was made on my own. I may fall flat of my arse but at least I followed through with a choice I made. I have spent the last 2 months worried about who I would tick off. Who would make me feel like less of a parent for going. Honestly I didn't get any weird responses. Only a few concerns from Danny of how I intended to add more to what I already do, and how it would affect us. I think he had a momentary brain fart because he is never here anyway. Hard to be affected if your not present much. That's the life of a truckers wife. Our marriage is 90 percent via telephone. That's a blog for another day tho.

The boys are great. At the present time Zac has a carpet burn on his nose, Evyn has a busted lip from a fall yesterday, Peyton has red swollen bleeding gums because I have to brush his teeth these days (also a blog for another day) and Eli has a goose egg and little gash on the side of his head from a trucking incident. No major injuries this week. Yay.

I guess as some of you may have already noticed I closed the FB down again. I won't go into detail but just know I do not care for Thumpers using my statuses to preach. It was meant for my child and his fantastic doctors and surgeons. Take your testimony's to your church.  And certainly do not degrade any of my friends for their choices. Shame on you. I had my limit of FB back in the Summer but chose to reactivate it because it was such a fantastic way to publish my blogs. I have had my limit of the preaching,  bragging, whining and competing. Geeez people. I refrained too many times to count from asking "who are you trying to fool and how old are you exactly".

This is my life in a shell for the last few days. Shopping, snow, some cleaning and a teenager.
I am positive this huge birthday will result in a drunken blog later this week when it sinks in.


  1. Kathy I no you want let anyone tell you what you can and can't do! I admire you for going back to school and trying to make your life better for you and your family. It does take alot of work but I know you can do it cause you are a strong willed person!! Keep your head up high and don't let other people bring you down just remember the things they say about you is just jealousy on there part and they wish they could be the kind of person you are!! Stay stong for our little troppers they need a mother like you!

  2. I'm sorry!!! Damn facebook and my inability to shut up!
    I really admire the fact that you're going back to school. I wish I had the guts. I consider doing this play a step in the right direction. I'm wearing a bracelet that says "courage" to remind me to keep mine.

  3. I had been meaning to check up on your blog and see what part/parts you were offered. How exciting!! And BTW, no part of this entry was directed toward you. It's the Thumpers that need to learn to hursh. In case your wondering "hursh" is our word in the Smith household for shut the hell up. :)

  4. I knew you weren't really talking TO me, but I still feel bad.
    I meant to tell you, there are NO yarn stores here! I put off buying yarn for you until we got here, and now I have to wait until next month when we drive "to town".
    BTW, The 13th has always been my lucky day. When I was little I found a crazy amount of cash on the street, and it's been my favorite day/ number ever since. Jay and I were married 9-13. Notice those numbers add up to 13? A lot of things do for us. It would be creepy if I didn't like it. Lol