Friday, January 27, 2012

Today I wanted to share a text I received yesterday from a friend. This lady has became very dear to me. Just recently she battled Cancer and won. By far one of the strongest women I know. And by golly if she says that I can do this........I'm going to do it.

          Hope you don't mind me texting you, but I wanted to encourage you.
          No one will really pay attention to you in class. Go each day with
          the idea that you are just as good and smart as the next one. Be
          friendly and hang in there. Take it one bite at a time to eat this elephant
          (school)  and the semester will finally be over. It is 16 weeks (just
          seems like forever) Know you will have to let somethings go or you will
          get down on yourself. It's a lot but you CAN do it. So what if the house is not
          spic and span? It will wait. Keep us informed. I am rooting for you.

Thank you Jean. I love you. As I told you last night, it could not have came at a better time. I am proud of you for the elephant you ate. I am also proud to call you my friend.

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