Monday, March 5, 2012

What a whirlwind of a week.
For a  few days I had anywhere from 6-9 kids in the house. A two year old and a nine month old was a experience. It made me very happy I am close to being done changing diapers. I thought when that part of my life was over I'd be lost as to what I could do all day. Now.........I realize it won't be so bad after all.

Willa was never returned. After hearing Evyn holler for her day after day for two weeks Danny suggested I adopt another one. I declined at first but after some thought and a few more days of the kids asking for her, I made a call. We now have a sweet little gal named Presley. My intentions are to adopt another little girl shortly. I'd like another who has one of the same parents as Willa had. There is no better company late at night then a little loyal doggie.

This is Spring Break for me. I did not have to go to class today or tomorrow. I was going to clean, paint, get a hair cut, do some spring clothes shopping, clean out closets, ect. But, I have a 8 year old that had a positive Strep test today.  While waiting for the test results the 2 year old had a screaming fit in the doctors floor. I rubbed him down with the fancy germx foam they have mounted next to door in the room. I sure that roll in the floor will result in another trip this week.

 My turn for a trip is coming and IT WAS EARNED!!! Not a trip to the Dr tho. Much better than that.

On a different note, I'm on the hunt of a washer/dryer. I have one of the new style front loaders and I've about had my limit with the quality and the payment. I miss the old style that actually allowed me to run a drum full of hot water and let my whites soak in bleach. I've decided they are going to resume their spot back on a showroom floor. Give me the water hoggers back.

I started Eli on the new med today. I figured it was a good time since he's home for a few days. So far so good. The med they gave him for strep didn't go so well. It was thick and made him gag. No details will be given for what happen next.

Hope you have a fantastic week and all are healthy.

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  1. I hope Eli gets to feeling better and no more kids get sick before your big weekend away!!