Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Herd.
All in a tie.
It was a fantastic day despite the sad circumstances. The boys sang beautifully at the nursing homes today. We all got a little more time with Aunt Fanny. I think she would have approved. Zac sat with her most of the evening simply watching her breath and holding her hand. Each time he left he would say "Aunt Fanny, I'm going to be right back" hoping for a response but never got one. The others peeked in but didn't linger like Zac. Each of my boys are precious but Zac amazed me today. Aunt Fanny's appearance I think scared the others but Zac looked beyond what was on the outside. Nurses, aides, family and friends watched him talking and holding her hand and had to turn away teary eyed. I am thankful I have such fine boys. And I am thankful we all had two more days to spend with such a fine lady.

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