Sunday, April 22, 2012


The boys had a fantastic time at Thunder. I have a few pictures of the planes but because of our location it was next door to impossible to snap the faster ones.  We did not stay the entire evening. We had a seat right under 2nd street bridge and the wind cutting through there was unbelievably COLD!! We opted to head home and watch the fireworks from the warmth of our couch. I hope to catch the fireworks next year and I'm crossing my fingers for the temps to be slightly warmer than 46 with a wind chill of what seemed like -12. From others pictures it seems like the best seats are on the Indiana side. I am very disappointed that I missed watching the sixty foot flags being suspended from the helicopters and flown over the river. It was absolutely amazing to see on T.V. I can't imagine what it was in person. Oh well. Always next year.

Dad has a birthday this week. Friday he will be seventy. I am having him a supper Friday night at 6pm at the Savoyard Jeffries Community Building. I would love for all his closest friends and family to join us. I have tried to call or stop in and invite folks close to us but if I don't contact you personally please join us. With three classes left this semester, preparing for summer classes, enrolling for Fall, starting Peyton at a new private school in Wisdom, along with the normal day to day routine I apologize if i don't call you personally. Please visit with him on his special day and bring a big appetite. I am having it catered by a great family who dishes out the best barbecue you will ever try.

Eli's mid term was spectacular. All A's and one B. Peyton's on the other hand...............
I know the potential this child has and for that reason I chose to pull him from MCMS and enroll him privately to finish out the year. Just as I suspected he worked fabulously once he was on a smaller classroom with less opportunity to be distracted. He is working out of the end of the 8th grade books and throwing out 100%'s right and left. I'm happy with the choice I made to remove him from public schools. I'm thinking seriously about enrolling all three boys in August if Peyton continues to improve. I noticed the attitude change in him from the first day he came home.

Last Friday Zackary, Evyn and me went to the Zoo. None of us were impressed. They are changing the layout and you have do a lot more back tracking then you use too. It reminded me of the first Zoo I ever visited when I was a wee tot. I'll have to dig out the pictures some day of my trip out west. That trip was one of my favorite memories. That is one of my favorite memories.

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