Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Break for me is almost about  to begin. I just have a couple papers to email in by Friday and I am done for a undetermined amount of time. I am so ready to take a breather. I don't know how people go continuously for years.....wait.....yes I do......they have no life, no children, and are too young to realize they are missing out on life. I'm in the middle of a life reevaluation. There are two trainings that I intend to attend. One this Fall and one next spring. Both being several days long and out of town. I see now I don't  have to have a Psyc degree to make the difference in peoples lives that I want too. It's very invigorating to realize I am useful without a diploma. I have smiled a lot more the last few days. Things are going to be o.k..

I have great company for a few weeks. My adorable niece is with us for a while and we are all excited to have her. She's a bubbly burst of energy. And the added estrogen is great for me as well.

Peyton is staying at his Dad's for a while this Summer. He is a 13 year old ball of  "smart a$$" currently and we all needed a little space from one another. Hormones. Errrrrr. He and I were like oil and water. (Good luck Pop and Ma Houchens.......and thank you for the break from his mouth and attitude)

I am recovering from a severe sunburn. Lordy.......I have not been that crispy in years and years. Lesson learned. when laying in the pool sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! Eden (my niece) and I both were in misery for 2 days and nights.

The truck is officially rebuilt with a new motor and transmission. Time to play catch up and still try and get in a couple days on a beach before the kiddos head back to school. Repaying debt always comes first but i think a couple days away as I have promised the kiddos will do us some good. Who knows......maybe I can convince Eden to hang with us till time to go back to school so she can put her toes in some sand too.

Hope this Blog finds all you guys well and happy. I have no bad news to report. Nothing tragic. It's all good days and smiles here right now. I think this is a first for me.......:)

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