Monday, July 30, 2012

I need some answers.....

Wonderfully busy weekend. Today I have a few questions that I'd love your honest opinion on. No holds bar. You will not hurt my feelings.

Three days ago Eli went home with his Nana for a few days. Yesterday Nana confirmed how wonderful he acts there. Plays well. Sleeps decent hours. A real joy to be with.

Here it was much the same. We all slept late and were in bed at decent times which never happens when Eli is here. It was peaceful. No fighting, no arguing, no fits of rage. I love my Eli, but I will not was a very peaceful couple of days for all of us.

This evening Eli returned and the atmosphere changed like night and day. Fighting, fussing......even a chair flew across the room. My question is why? If he can act good at others homes why can't he act that way here. if he can get along with his older and younger cousin at Nana's house, why can't he get along with his siblings here? Am I doing something wrong? Am I making his fits worse? Am I the reason his skin seems to crawl? At this moment I don't understand why being here is so tragic. I really thought the time away from everyone would do him so good but it seems he came home with more hate then ever before for me and his brothers.



  1. Hun, if someone gives you an answer to this please pass it my way. My boys are the same way, send them off and they are WONDERFUL get them back and they have lost all sense of being human. Have heard that whipping them more will help, but gosh, I can't whip them 24/7... I am sure that is illegal. So, at least it is not only my boys, sounds like it is just BOYS... lol.

  2. TI have learned that when kids act out at home and not other places it's because they feel safe enough to act out. I am the adoptive mother of 5 and I have 3 who bring this to our home. My advice is to take good care of yourself and consider attending "Every Day Is Mother's Day" an online conference by Heather J. Forbes of Beyond Consequences. I did it in February and it was the best thing I have ever done FOR ME since we got our kids 9 years ago.