Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The last few days were just what the doctor ordered. Lets begin with last week.

I canceled the boys OT appointment last week along with not attending the support group meeting. It was the first of each I've ever missed but we all needed a break. The kids got out of school early last Friday for Miss. Anders services. It was a sad week at school for our kids. In the last couple weeks they have endured terrible accidents, seriously injured friends and now death. More then any child should have to cope with. We were lazy all weekend. Saturday we took the kids to eat so when Sunday rolled around we did not feel so guilty about leaving them with Aunt Deanna to swim and play with their cousins while Danny and I enjoyed a kidless meal at the restaurant of my choice, Olive Garden because they have the best wine, and talked without interruption. It was indeed a fantastic evening and a load was lifted off my shoulders by our conversation.

Yesterday was movie day here.

Born To Be Wild was interesting and had some amazing shots.  Anything Morgan Freeman touches is gold.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close was touching. Danny does not normally go for the movies that make me cry........but this one hit home. This little boy and his quirks hit close to home. It was great.

Now......last but not least.....as far as my opinion goes..... The Hunger Games.

I HATED this film. It was a nothing but a movie about children killing other children for sport or a spectacle. It was like a sick demented child version of The Truman Show (did I recall the name of that movie correctly?) Who's idea was this and why did I not pay closer attention when Peyton said he was reading this book. I wish I had never allowed them to even have my rental fee for this movie. I am sicken by this and can't imagine any human that would find this fascinating. Shame on you.

Today was a case management meeting for Eli and compared to the last we are on the road to success. He has been stable for several months, although sleeping patterns still need work. What I have in place for him right now is perfect. He is thriving and I am thrilled. We are close to graduating the IMPACT program. A few years ago I thought I'd never see the day. Danny has adjusted his schedule so that he is able to be home more and that alone has made all the difference. Sometimes a Mommy just can't be everything all the time. I am very thankful that things have worked out so very well.

I am now employed at Lifeskills which is out community mental health services. I have excepted a position as TCS. I worried about this and even considered turning it down because I did not want to leave my children to assist others when mine have some of the same problems. But, prayers were answered and I am going to be in their school during the week some. Things are falling into place perfectly.

I hope the weekend was wonderful for y'all as well. Continue to keep us in your thoughts that God will continue to work miracles in our home.

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