Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The day was magnificent. As luck would have it the truck is limping which allowed Danny to spend Halloween with us. I think in the course of 9 years that's happen once before.
The parties at school were so much better with a parent there for each child. It was a lot less classroom jumping for me.
Eli was a Zombie, Zac was Captain America and Evyn was Scooby. Peyton didn't dress up or trick or treat this year. Sad. But Danny and me agreed next year we will dress up and Pey will follow suit. We are never to old to enjoy Halloween. (let me add I know I am too big a gal to pull off some sexy critter with a tail and some of you I saw today are too)

Daddy flipped Evyn out with my Ma's wig. ( the same one I wore more times to count as a kid)

I showed off my mad pumpkin carving skills to the kids. Lol

I hope each of you all had a fantastic night. Now its time for my second favorite thing to taking the kids out......pouring the candy out on my bed and picking my favorite. :) Looks like Danny is already in the loot which BTW filled up a 31 Utility Tote.
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