Monday, November 26, 2012


I do brag that I am the polar opposite of a hoarder. But there are some exemptions. Baby clothes that all four boys wore, nannys (aka pacifiers), pictures, hair and teeth before I realized they rot and turn black after 13 years or so are just a few of these.
While doing some major house cleaning today I came across Eli's 9th birthday candle and threw it away.......four times.
Secondly I came across a bottle of Evyn's that had been lost under my bed. Now thus just isn't any bottle. I have never kept any bottles that belonged to the other kids. This is the last bottle that will ever be in my house belonging to one of my babies. That is unless of course Danny succeeds in convincing me I'm not to old and my body won't break in two if I attempt it again.
I could not bare the thought of throwing these things away. It hurt my heart. So I am doing the next best thing.....take a picture, blog them and keep them forever without stomping on my OCD nerve. Woo goo. Win win.
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