Friday, November 9, 2012

Eli has been bugging the p#ss outa me about this new found friend of his coming over. I met this child and his mother a few weeks ago. Cute pair. He told me who his Daddy was and I stored that info away for another time to think about.

Once we were home I began to ponder over this child and if it was a good idea for him to visit with us. You know how us Momma's are. Always scared they will forget to brush their teeth, forget to wash their butt and behind their ears, or bring home someone who does not share the same morals as we try to instill in our own.

In the privacy of our own home I discussed this child with Danny when no one was I thought. I asked Danny "Wonder why _______ has a different last name from his Daddy." Of course in this county it's not a surprise. I already was pretty sure of the answer but it was simply a thought while debating if this child was a safe choice as a friend.

Days after this private talk with Danny we came into contact with said kiddo and his Momma again. Eli and ______ were talking and playing within earshot of me when I heard Eli say "I don't know if Momma is gonna let you  come over because she don't understand why you have a different last name then your Daddy".  Oh Holy Mother of God!!!!!!!!

Without missing a beat that boy tapped on me with his little finger. I was so embarrassed to turn around. I really wanted to crawl under something, anything, and die!

With the strongest southern slang I have ever heard from a 9 year old in all my days he said  and I quote " ohhh my naaaaame be diff-ernt cause my Daddy gave up his riiiiiiiiights."

Lesson for the day: When having a conversation that only Danny and me need to be involved in we now text it back and forth or wait till dark and even still walk way out in the field and whisper. Even if we think we are alone.

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