Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So, here's the dealeo with the neighbors.
Two years ago in Feb. they moved in. No big deal. At the time I was happy to see the old house occupied. Maybe the yard would be kept up better. When a house is as close as this one is it makes the surrounding homes look crappy too if it's not kept up. That's my OCD talking.

Shortly after they moved in I began getting phone calls. Previous landlords they had had found their new residence and felt obligated to contact me as well. The older gentleman was a convicted offender. The registry proved it. Not only that but they had also had some problems with the young man, his son, as well.  He had made some threats to previous landlords who evicted them. to the point one family in Edmonton had to go under some sort of protection because he "had a plan" to kill her and her family and went to his therapist with this plan. Yes, therapist. the young man is Schizophrenic.

That label does not scare me. Let me make that clear! As long as people take their meds as they should and have never had any violent rages or thought patterns, normally they never will. But, this young man had the history of it.

I sorda took him under my wing these last couple years. I developed a soft spot for him which his parents clearly picked up on. They sent him to my house for any thing and everything they ran out of. Sugar, Tide, lawn mower gas, cigarettes, coffee, dog food, rides to town, rides to the bank, rides to Mcdonalds, ect. I rarely ever told him no. He was 24 at the time he moved in next door but had the mental set of a child Eli's age. There was nothing more he loved then to toss the football in the yard with my children. I allowed it but never took my eyes off anyone. I know the parents took advantage of my kindness to their son. When I did decline to give him rides or give them gas I couldn't help but be a little scared in the back of my mind that he would get irritated with me and snap. his past showed him a bit unpredictable. Many times I didn't sleep for fear I had made him mad.

And then comes the disappearance of our sweet Willa. For three years she never left this yard. She was skiddish of anyone other than us. The lady came over one day and ask me if I had any like her for sale because someone she worked with wanted one. I did not. Three days later we let her out to potty and never saw her again. I am 98% sure they stole her and sold her. It was the only answer that made sense.

I made several calls during this two years to try and silently have them evicted. I never wanted to make it known it was me wanting them gone for fear of the young man and upsetting him. Nothing ever panned out and their landlord could care less about me or my family as long as the 450$ was coming in each month. I have never been so disgusted with one man in my entire life as I am him.

And now, just when I had began to give up on ever living and resting in peace they inform us the wife has ask for a divorce and he and his son were moving out of state as soon as the RV was running. What did we do??       You can bet your arse we helped them fix that dam RV!!!

So the lady is staying here along with some 18 year old gal and her 19 year old boyfriend. I'm not happy about the age of the newest neighbors but I'm not scared of pissing them off either!!! Some weird activity goes on over there. That's all I will say about them for now.

I can't help but be a worried for the young man. I kinda fell like I have took care of him for a couple years now. All the running I done, fed him and even mowed for him on those 100+ degree days so he wouldn't have to push mow their yard. Best I can tell his Dad (the molester) used him as a slave. It was disheartening to hear him scream and cuss him all hours of the day and night. But, thankfully this terrible nightmare is almost over for us. My kids can go back to playing in their yard without me over them constantly and I can sleep easier.

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