Sunday, December 9, 2012

Church Program and Nursing Homes Photo Dump

The kids had such a long day but I have discovered the busier they stay they better they behave. The weekend was FULL to the brim.
Today alone we had Sunday School where they preformed their first program of the day followed by church and a Christmas meal in the fellowship building where the older boys preformed. They have been learning to play bells and it's absolutely beautiful!! Eli had a big part that ended one of the songs. It reminded me of the Hershey Kiss commercial where the little kiss had the big part at the end.
After our meal and the older boys preformed we had a bit of a break until we met at two.nursing homes where all the kids preformed, sang and handed out gifts to every resident. Between church and the homes they preformed three times today. They are worn out. Just the way I like them. :)

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