Saturday, December 8, 2012

If you think back a few post about the first game of Eli and Zac's they were pretty green. The kids had no self confidence and were scared to handle the ball. We ended the season 6 weeks later on a different note.
Eli had a few assist throught the six weeks, a foul last week and several good passes. But last night he actually scored his first basket.
On the way to the game I gave him a speech about trying. How it was the last game and there was nothing more I wanted for him then to score. He preceded to tell me he was too little and the the big kids always swarmed him. I still insisted he tried.
During the last two minutes of the game Eli had a open shot. It seems like it happen in slow motion. He turned around and shoved that ball toward the hoop. Me was almost at the free throw line. I recall it leaving his hands and me saying "ohhh......please make it to the rim." I thought if he at least bounced it off the rim he'd be proud of himself...........but it went in. "All net", Eli says. I squealed like a little girl.....then the tears poured. If only others understood our journey, his life, his'd understand why all I could do was cry. He glowed back down the court. Bubbling.
I don't recall much of the last couple of minutes of the game. They lost by several, but Eli won.

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