Monday, December 3, 2012

Today is normally my favorite day. Monday is my Saturday, but today was rained on.

Granny has been feeling terrible for weeks and today it caught up with last. last night she started hurting deep in her chest and back so we immediately thought it was pneumonia and decided it was best to head on to the ER. Daddy dropped us off there because Mom had a appointment with her Dr that she couldn't miss.

The ER gives me the creeps. It make the hypochondriac in me work in over drive. As if it was not bad enough to be there any time of year.......I was there during this terrible Flu season. I have already had everything coming and going and to sit in the ER made me break out in a sweat at the idea. Thankfully we were not stuck in the waiting room and they took her straight back to lay down.

People were roaming the ER with MASK ON!! Seriously.......I wanted one. BAD!! Coughing, sneezing, pucking in buckets, cold sweats. This is my worst nightmare.

A middle aged nurse came in and started calling Granny "Sweet Pea". This was the last straw. I was at the end of my OCD rode already. This lady is ninety years old plus. This means she was born in 1922. She has outlived her husband, parents, brothers and sisters and all of her friends. She's lived the Great Depression and WW2. She has the intellect of people with ten times her education. Address this lady with respect. Mrs. Jeffries or Ma'am please. NOT SWEET PEA!  Don't ask her if she needs to go potty. She is not three years old!

Test came back somewhat normal. EKG had some abnormalities, but that's to be expected with her age. Blood work was good. BMP was slightly elevated which indicates congestive heart failure. Xrays were clear. They decided she had Pleurisy, but could not be 100% certain it was causing her symptoms so admitted her for observation and more test since she has heart attack and stint in her history.

Daddy brought me home while mommy stayed with granny so he could retrieve her some personal items.

I came home and went straight work at the kennel, followed by our 6 physicals that had to be completed by our Wednesday apt with the agency. I came home to a clean kitchen and all laundry put away. I'm getting use to having help at home. It sure takes off the work load all off of me. I am grateful that the truck is supposed to be completed tomorrow. It's been a rough six weeks financially but it allowed us to make some choices and gave us time to help Daddy when he needed it.

Tomorrow.......the task of running down divorce decrees that I long threw away years and years ago. Yay me.

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