Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yesterday and today I buckled down and completed three of the training journals required before our home evaluations. They were quite easy and mostly common sense. Three more to go. A section I found interesting was some activities to prepare the boys for other children being placed here.
 For Peyton and Eli they were asked to pretend they were the ruler of the world and ask to jot down the rules that they would create and enforce. I imagined them both to create rules that would benefit them entirely. Kid stuff. You know what I mean.......play all the time, no chores, no homework, ect. I want to share their rules.

Peyton: 1. NO KILLING
             2.  BE RESPECTFUL
             4. EVERYONE IS EQUAL
             5. LESS TECHNOLOGY.

Eli:       1. EACH PERSON GETS 1000.00 A WEEK
             2. NO WAR
             3. NO FIGHTING
             4. NO THREATENING
             5. NO CAUSING TROUBLE

I was rather impressed with both their rules. The only one who threw one out there off the wall was Eli. I got a giggle out of it. I asked him who exactly should pay this money each week to us. His reply.....the president. Hmmmmm......I think he has to much debt to pay us that along with too many other lazy people to feed, clothe, and provide free health care too. But I did not get into this with him.

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