Tuesday, January 8, 2013

9 Day Wrap Up

This writing a book stuff is totally ruining my life. :) I have decided not to read the blogs I normally follow because I'm scared I will accidentally store away their great stuff and use it as my own. I have removed all my fav's from my Fb as well and try very hard not to read books, magazines or watch TV.  I want all my inspiration to be just that. Mine. It's tough but it's coming along partial chapters at a time. Some may be a bit disappointed because I am using my blog and it's feedback to know what was popular posts and what wasn't and adding off of it. For now my intentions are a self published ebook. Do any of you have experience with this?

On another note, our first home visit with the agency is Friday.  I have been trying to do a little home improvement this week. Doing a little touch up painting on my beat up trim and covering Evyns marker creations on my white doors. I know that stuff isn't important, but it needed to be done again and I found the thought of strangers coming into my home Friday very motivating.

I am bored slick outa my head this time of year. I have not done any photography in weeks and I have a itch. Thankfully I donated a session for auction a while back and it went to the highest bidder for a great cause. I hope to have the camera back around my neck within a week and do some photographs for a sweet lady about a hour away.

Evyn turned 3 on the 5th. We had a great party for him last Saturday and made a truck load of slime. Your welcome Mommas. If this stuff wound up in your carpet I'm sure you found it easy to remove. I did. ;) I would love to post photos, but it's not gonna happen today because Blogger is acting up.

The next birthday to tackle is Pey's. He will be 14. (sigh)

All the boys made honor roll again. This tells me we are on a good track. Pey is still loving football and practicing 3 days a week. It's keeping his grades up and out of mischief. I wish I had agreed to it years ago. The little boys are having some serious down time right now and not nearly as busy as I prefer. I miss basketball terribly and need to involve them in something soon. Baseball is a long way off. Eli goes with me three days a week to work in the kennel but that's not his idea of fun like it is mine. Any ideas? They love to create things and have expressed wanting to make pots with a pottery wheel. Is there anything like this for children in our area?

Next week I hope to get back to sewing the weighted blankets. That being said, please keep the blue jeans coming. I have a couple children in waiting right now for their blanket.

I hope the New Year has been good to each of you and wish you all the best in the months to come in 2013.

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