Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yuk. What a nasty morning. I hate having to get the boys up and put them on the bus in the cold rain. But, it's better then keeping them home. ;)
This month has proved to be very difficult for me. I have had to make some choices  and burn some bridges but I am very satisfied. There comes a time when the actions of others are just so very irritating and irresponsible that I have to stop all communication. Children and their needs should always come first. Especially when it's thanks to them that you even have money to be blowing on chit. That's ok. I have washed my hands of it. Some people grow, mature and have their priorities lined out properly. Some don't. I could jabber on and on about my feelings on this matter but there's no need to mention names nor continue with this subject. I have freed myself from it and will not be looking back.

One last thing about pathetic adults..........stealing medication from a child is low. Taking advantage of me being out of the house and with my Daddy during such a difficult time and you come into my home and steal medication. Shame on you. I trusted you. My children trusted you.

Now, let's change the direction of this post.

Daddy is on the mend. Several told us Daddy would be different after surgery. Maybe for a few months, maybe forever. He is indeed different. Touchy, ill and maybe a little short fused. (I'm beginning to think I had open heart surgery. I too seem to suffer more so here lately from those things.)

Tomorrow is my anniversary first and foremost and secondly, Valentines Day. Danny is getting me a macro lens for my Nikon for our anniversary and I chose a IOU for Valentines Day. I hate flowers. I don't need candy. I don't ware jewelry. I'm not your normal woman. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my cabinets refaced. A gift that keeps giving for years makes more sense to me than useless crap. A couple years ago Peyton dug up March Lily bulbs from a field for me and replanted them in my back yard. That meant more to me then any vase of "I'm sorry and I'm a arsehole" flowers I have ever gotten.

I finally figured out how to crochet. I don't mean to toot my own horn but, I can now sew, knit and crochet. Toot -Toot.  While getting my taxes done last week I took a crochet hook and sat a hour patiently and quietly. The couple behind me where not good whisperers. They made fun of me. I laughed. I can see how being 250 pounds each, loud mouthed and rude is much cooler than crochet. Hahahaha.

Congrats Banana Joe. You are one cool little dude. Best in show. Yes, I'm cool like that too. I love the dog show.

I woke up yesterday morning to a pup sitting at my back door. Thank you to whom ever dropped her off. Ugh. I fed her, wormed her watered her and put her in a crate in the garage until I can get some weight on her and find her a home. Some people should never be allowed to be dog owners. She is such a sweet little girl. She's clearly been mistreated. She wants to like us so bad, but she can't stop shaking when humans are in sight.

I hope guys have had a great February. I promise to blog more.

Update on my book: Hang tight. It's coming along.

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