Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A letter to my 15 year old self...........

   I have been meaning to do something a little fun with a blog post for ages and decided today was the day. I decided to write a letter to my fifteen year old self.........

  My Sweet Girl,
                            So, you turned 15 today. I'm sure you think fifteen is nothing but one year closer to sixteen, but my dear, you could not be more wrong. This year will change your life forever. In a few months you will meet a guy who will steal you heart and keep it several years. Don't get so hung up on him. He will always be a friend and it'll save you years of ache. P.S. by age 40 he will pack on many pounds, loose his hair and shack up with a woman with four or five kids. He won't drive low riders and listen to his music to loud because it causes hearing loss. By the way. You should turn your radio down, too. Hearing aides are not cool at age 33. (we will get to the kid part and your numbers later)
                           Your first public job will start this Fall. Enjoy your Spring/Summer because you will work every day of your life after this Summer comes to a end. Lay by the pools, lakes and enjoy your friends. Friends are hard to come by in your years to follow. Ware sun screen please.

                          In the years that follow you will be driving, working and tempted to skip a lot of school to see the next flavor of the year that followed you first heart break. Forget that boy too. He is trouble with a capitol T. Love your Momma more and listen to your Daddy. He will be the smartest man you know as a adult. You should take notes. His wisdom needs to be written down.

                          At eighteen you will be tempted to move out and marry another flavor of the month because he offers you freedom and a different life. Nothing I say will change your mind. And nothing I say will convince you that having a baby at such a young age is a bad idea. Just know it'll all work out and you don't have to stay with his Daddy when he disappoints you terribly. Staying is only going to cause more stress and heart ache. Cut your ties. Have the baby. Go home to Momma and stay there. Do not return to endure any more punishment and pain from this man. A man who cheats on his pregnant wife is not worth it. You are both young and life will go on and improve.

                        Marriage will be one of your favorite things to do. Do not be tempted by the next trouble that comes along. He will ruin your life and cause you even more pain and stress then the first. Don't fall for the big ole brown eyes and long hair. The 80's are over sister. You will also be tempted to have more children. Don't. One is plenty.

                        By age twenty-five you will finally settle down and have exactly the life you left Momma and Daddy for at age eighteen. See........you could have put off leaving for 7 more years and saved yourself so much trouble. Times will be testy. Money will be tight at times. More babies will come. (Dammit, I told you to stop at age 22) Again, when things get ruff you will be tempted to run. Don't. This life is perfect for you. No matter whom has disappointed you in the past, let you down, cheated, lied, been lazy, been a bad parent, ect......this man is different. He is identical to you. If you never listen to anything else I say, hear me now. Tough out the hard times and think positively. A good attitude will take you so much farther then hunting for another flavor.

                     But, for now.....focus on being fifteen. Stuff this letter away to guide you through the years to come. It will help you know what to expect. You can expect to be right where you want to be by age thirty three. Sooner if you listen to me and not act foolish. Enjoy your fifteen year old metabolism. Put down those cigarettes. Do not get into the car with anyone who has been drinking. Ever. And tell Momma about those people that bully you and disrespect you. Even if it is family. Let Daddy whoop their arsewhile he is young and still can, and stop hiding and running from them.  And last but not least......love, be honest, stay a child a little while longer and pack some Pepper Spray. Always. Not every one is who you think they are. Bless your little naive heart. Happy Birthday Hunny. Life is fixing to take you for a 12 year ride of bad roads. But, you are prepared. Make them beautiful.

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