Friday, March 8, 2013

Spankings, Poop and Sunshine

Today was one of those days that I will tell Evyn about when he's grown and has kids of his own. He has tested my patience, pissed me off and reminded me to be grateful all in one day.

It was beautiful today and we spent the day outside cleaning up the yard. evyn was running around with Sissy (our Yorkie) one minute and gone the next.

I looked for him for what seemed like a hour (I'm sure it was no where near that long in real time) before calling Mom. I'm unsure what I thought she could do, but calling her was the only thing I thought to do. She started to house looking for him on the road. Thinking maybe he decided to walk the half mile and bring Sissy and come visit. I started knocking on neighbors doors and walking even father from home when I glanced across the field and saw his blond head at a barn a about 3/10ths of a mile from our house. When I reached him he was trying to get back over a gate but couldn't. He was bared footed. He had lost his boots in the cow chit/mud that was every bit of ten inches deep.  When I say we.......I mean I dug his boots out of the mud and packed the little booger back home where Mom, Lesia and Dave where waiting for us. Too happy to see him I sat him down on the step and explained how that was a bad idea. He looked at Sissy as if to say "it was her idea". Bless her heart, she was cover in....well......chit. And so were we. I began the task of cleaning up the dog, our boots, our clothes, ect with the water hose. I looked up.......and dammit if he wasn't gone again with the dog. No sooner then I realized they was gone again I heard a log truck blow their horn down the road a piece. I started that way just knowing I'd find them headed to Mom's for sure this time. Sure enough he was headed that way. When I reached him I was fuming this time. I spanked him most of the way back home. At home I put him in the tub and he has not been allowed back outside to enjoy this beautiful day. This child will be my death. Period. 

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