Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Are Gonna Wanna See This!!!!!!! Very Dusturbing.

  I have been hanging on to this for several weeks now. Disgusted by it and unsure what exactly I was going to do with it. After much thought I decided to make the names unrecognizable and blog it.
  Not calling the parents of these two children was my final decision as well as not contacting the proper school officials. After all, I suppose this goes on A LOT and I should just be thankful it didn't belong to my child.
   I am sure there are questions about how this fell into my hands and I won't lie, I picked it up out of a parking lot while waiting for a child to finish up with a after school event. I am nosey and I unfolded it and read it. Momma's and Daddy's..........this is the bullsh#t we are up against. I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. Kathy,If this was one of my kids I would deff. want to know and see it. It prob. does go on alot but some parents dont have a clue(im one)and need to be told so they can address it sooner than latter. I dont think I would tell the school ppl but just for my peace of mind I would let the parentd know that way if they want to talk to them kiddos they can. Just my thoughts on it.

  2. so what grade is this kid in anyways... can not spell for nothing! I can't believe that they he is talking about this, and probably doesnt even understand what he is saying anyways. I would have taken it to the parents... but that is just me. Maybe the folks could educate the kids before things "happen". Just me thoughts on it.