Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen "before and afters".

About six years ago we were throwing around ideas in our head of wether to build a house of our dreams, or turn our double wide into some version of it.
I didn't want to leave my location because I knew Granny would eventually need me closer again. I was right. That and building a home then "hoping" the trailer would sell for its payoff was simply too much of a risk. We then decided to build on two bedrooms, a living room and a foyer. We replaced all the windows and doors, added trim, a front porch and patio, as well as siding and hardwood floors throughout. We soon ran out of funds for anything else. Since then we have remodeled the boys bathroom and painted a little here or there. My kitchen was the one large thing that had never been touched. It was a eye sore as soon as you enter the back door. I thought about refinishing the cabinets but soon learned refinishing them would just prolong the inevitable. Trailer cabinets are junk!

Here are some the befores and demolition.

The sink hole was cut to large for the the sink I chose, so this part is unfinished. We have to wait for another top to come in, paint and add a few little details. I'm considering that coper or nickel type material for either my ceiling or walls. I'm pretty proud of it. I've waited 15 years for it!!
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