Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet Baby Jacob

Over the last few days we have had a newborn here. He came to our home only hours old. A friend of ours found him in their yard after being packed from the field to their home. He was not injured so they attempted to return him to where they believed he may have came from, but upon further observation his Momma never returned to him. We believe because he had human scent on him, that his mother orphaned him. I brought him here and we began feeding him and researching the best place for him to go. We also noticed he had a sore leg. Probably from his encounter with their dog. After a few days of feeding him and waiting on the gentleman to pick him up and take him somewhere safe where he would not be hunted on, we became rather attached. We named him Jacob and enjoyed his presence very much. Jacob left yesterday for his new permanent home.

We can't wait to visit. We miss the little fella already. It was a experience my boys will always remember.

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