Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekends Cure Depression

We had such a great weekend. To spite the rain it was fabulous.
On Friday I was forced out of the house by my best friend to go horse back riding. Equine therapy and a intervention I called it. Out kids had a great time!! We took a trail ride and never spoke a word. Sometimes no talking is the best medicine. She took her daughter and I took Evyn while the others where in school. We rode with our kid and enjoyed the peace. Evyn only spoke three words to speak of the whole time, "I'm a cowboy,Momma!"
Here's a photo of the two on mine and Evyns horse, Valentino.

Danny had had enough of my moping and gave me the go ahead to find another Boxer pup. I searched a couple days (actually I had been looking for a couple weeks) and found a few but what caught my eye was a pair of young adults in Indiana. I do love pups and I loved the idea of a pup growing up with the boys, but I don't like house breaking. I don't like the chewing and biting and watching where I step. And I don't like having to keep my eye on it along with four kids. So, Danny and I decided adults would be the way to go. We adopted a three year old male names Bronson:

Bronson is so very handsome. He was spoiled rotten by his owner. His owner was a breeder and Bronson had been his buddy for some time. He is house broke, crate trained, shakes, sits, lays down and stays on command. He stands and stretches out those back legs like he knows he's the stuff. I absolutely adore him. But, the feeling isn't mutual. He thinks Danny is the chit! I think he was so use to his previous owner that he prefers men over women. He came to the right place didn't he?!
Bronson was the one who caught my eye. But, he was paired for adoption with a female who was four years old. Both the sweethearts are CKC and the breeder had decided to only raise AKC pups from now on. Since we are going to be pet owners and maybe raise some pups a couple times for friends and family we decided the registration wasn't that important. Meet Mabel, Previously Daisy, but we didn't think that name suited her.

Mabel isn't nearly the people doggy like Bronson. She hasn't been nearly as spoiled. After all, she was used for breeding and knew her place to be outside with the other females. She is coming around. We are house training her and introducing her to a whole new world of doggy luxury. I have my hands full with her but I feel like she will catch on quickly to being spoiled rotten. She had never rode like Bronson had, but she sat in the seat like she's done that a million times. We are looking forward to ball games, walks and vacations with these guys. The kids are thrilled. We surprised them by the way. They had no clue what we were doing. They stayed at Mike and Lacys while Danny and me made the rather long drive. Yes, she has a diaper on in this photo. Hey, whatever works till she realizes we are not in Indiana anymore!!

Speaking of the drive.....I had a whole day of no one calling me Momma, which I needed in a bad kinda way. Danny and I had a fantastic day trip. We stopped in Cincinnati and visited his uncle. By the time we reached Cincy it was clear and sunny. We stopped and had a couple childless meals. And never once did we turn on a Disney movie. It was music and singing the whole day! Win win.
This week will be peaceful. The kids are testing this week which normally means no homework. Also there will be no baseball games for a few days. I am looking really forward to enjoying a few days with limited running to do.
I hope your weekend was memorable and your week will be relaxing. I myself am ready to get back to the land of the living. The last several weeks I have had a case of the blues. My Dr. Prefers to call it something else. But the weekend and medication was just what the Dr ordered! Sometimes we just have to listen to what others suggest. A SSRI doesn't make us weak. It makes us smart. Our bodies can only handle so much before its had enough. My advice.......please remember,my friends, to take care of yourself. Don't sweat the small stuff. I wish I had let all the small stuff through the years go, so I could have had the mentality to handle the huge stuff that comes along. It'll catch up with you!
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