Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fathers Day Weekend Photo Dump

Today is abnormal. The girls left yesterday and Danny took Eli with him for a couple days. I was looking really forward to sleeping in with the two little boys who can sleep till ten normally. But, my contractor was here at 7:30am with a jig saw ready to finish out my kitchen counters. As much as I have missed having a kitchen sink I would not have been disappointed had I waited another day and slept a little this morning instead.
I hated to see the week with the girls end. It was nice to not be outnumbered.
Friday night we went to the drive in. It was a cool experience for the kids. The girls enjoyed it to except for a creep who thought it was ok to be pushing 40 and hit on an eighteen and fifteen year old gal. The girls were disgusted by his behavior. Sorry girls. I think older men flirt with young girls to simply see if they still can. They don't realize how disgusted you really are by it. My girls laughed to avoid hurting his feelings but frankly mister, you scared the chit outa them and they never wanna come back there.
Other than the creepy man we enjoyed it. I promised them when they came back we would avoid the Tompkinsville drive in and go to the Greensburg one.

Three guesses what we saw. I would have rather watch something else. I think some remakes are a huge mistake. This was one of them. But the boys loved it and their opinion is what matters. Danny and me have decided World War Z will be date night.
The boys gave Danny a hammock for Dads Day. They tested it before he came in and it passed their inspection.

We had to play more with my waterproof iPhone case as well.

Nifty little invention they came up with there!!
We stayed busy all week. Late one afternoon Eden caught this rare event which she had to capture!!

Hope y'all are having a great Summer.

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