Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Parties, Hospitals and New Schools......Oh My

We had absolutely the best birthday party ever over the weekend. I always try to outdo myself each year but this time I have raised the standards too high. Even I will never be able to top this one. I don't mean to toot my own horn but seriously........toot toot toot!
We decided to rent a water slide inflatable from Backyard Partycreations. Not just any inflatable........the hoss of inflatables. I wish I had kept count of the bodies that came and went throughout the day (some of which left and then came back because their kids had a downright fit to return). I know I went through 60 hot dogs and my kids slept like they had been tranquilized. Not only did the kids have fun but the adults did as well. I knew I should have just hung out and supervised but I couldn't resist. I am still sore three days later. Thankfully today I don't feel like I still need a neck brace. I think all my kids made a memory.
Earlier in the the week Mom earned herself room and board at the hospital after a morning of working in her garden. She over heated and scared us to death.
Yesterday Mom and Dad took Eli and Zackary to the Creation Museum. Which reminds me of another topic I have not told you guys about. It's official. We now have a Savoyard Christian Academy. My school worries are over. Kinda. If you are interested in enrolling your children for August feel free to contact me and I can out you in touch with administration.
July came in quietly. It's been unseasonably cool. Yesterday and today have ran 10+ below average. Me personally.....I'm ready for 90+ degrees. I don't ever recall a summer this cool and wet.
I know I have been slacking with blog entries lately. Most seem more like a diary of our greater moments. I promise to do better. I hope your Summer is going smoothly with great diary moments too.

BTW......Eli's candy cake! Which was stripped clean!

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