Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gender Reveals

I have discovered the true meaning of challenging. I have haven't had the energy to do anything much less photography. When I did finally feel like I wasn't pregnant with a Cullen (I stole that from my friend April who is also pregnant and got me by 4 weeks) I had to wash clothes, clean and try to parent some. I really assumed the pregnancy was so different because I was pushing 35 but low and behold it was a little gal that was throwing my little boy cooking body for a loop. Hence the blog title change.

The boys went back to school. I am well into my 2nd trimester. Morning sickness is subsiding. I am packing on those pounds that will later come in handy breastfeeding..........but for now it's torture on my hips and knees. And the best part.......I was able to start doing a little bit of what I love. Our Gender Reveal was so much fun!!! If you decide to do this at home yourself be sure to purchase extra balloons. I purchased am extra blue and an extra pink and wouldn't ya know I lost a pink one before I completed the photo shoot and got the shot I wanted. The wind was not our friend this day. It felt completely still but you'd be surprised at how hard it was to get those boogers to stand up straight. Try to find a spot between buildings to block any breeze. But be patient. This was difficult but received many compliments.
I photographed a gender reveal this week for another couple that was SO MUCH FUN!!

And one of my all time favorite photographs EVER!! I caught this during the cleanup process........

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