Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years, Induction and Nasty Bedrooms.

ENew Years Eve. Is that today? My gosh. 

It's 7:30 and Eli is sleeping (thank you, thank you, thank you Risperdal)
Evyn is putting Germ X on his body like lotion. And Zac is having a "unhinged" moment because "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" just played on the television and my God don't they know that was last week and Aspergers children can't take that sort of ignorant accidental nonsense from a major television network?! 

It is a New Years Eve miracle I survived today. Eli forgot his medication. But on the upside, he ran hisself so ragged today (mentally and physically) that he passed out by 7pm. 

I took a photo of something earlier that I wanted to share that I thought was a interesting peek into our life. It's no secrete that I am serverly OCD. I have a hard time letting the kids just be kids when it comes to making messes and their bedrooms. I am getting better. I have trained myself to let him play and then have them clean their rooms before they go to bed. That way we both win. Most days I don't even have to ask anymore. Zackary prefers his room very neat. Evyn sometimes gets carried away but will pick it up without making a fuss. Eli on the other hand..........well you can guess which room is his. He don't care. He has no respect for any person, place or thing. It's so aggravating when I want him to "feel" something. Anything. But he feels nothing it seems. My question tonight is how do you train a child to have a conscience? Is it even possible? 

Now, on to the fun news. 
My appointment with My Np yesterday went ok. I still don't have many answers to the suspiciou lump under my left arm. I know I've not disclosed anything about that and won't until I have some sort of solid explanation. All I know right now is there's a rather large lump there. Antibiotics didn't change it really. And I opted to not have any further testing until The Queen arrives. There's a chance it's an angry mammary gland in which case I will know that soon. 
Maggie says she will try her best to accomdate my wishes and have a planned induction. Evyn had to be induced but she says that doesn't mean this one will too. She could come on her own. But if she hasn't by the 17th then I can opt for a planned induction anytime after that (39 weeks). I don't want to be pregnant that much longer. But I sure love the "planned" part. 

I have plans made for labor/birth photography. That's a perk to having a new Dr. this rodeo. I can have more then one person in the delivery room. I'm very excited about this gals first breaths captured by my bestest good friend. ;)

Now, I know it's New Years Eve......and I was invited to come to a few events but I'm choosing to hit the pillow and text the husband till I pass out sometime around 2 a.m..

Have a safe and happy new year. Ohhhh.....and here's the photo of the bedrooms we chatted about earlier....
And I don't want to leave out The Queens room. I've been working on it today as well. Yes it's the third change but this one is gonna stick. I adore the coral and turquoise.

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