Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daddy's Hands

Today is a special day. It's my Daddy's birthday. He is 69.

What a wonderful man he is. I have not told him that, ever. I intend too. Maybe-today.

Daddy is of a different kind of breed so to speak. Tough. Hard shelled. Honest. Hardworking. God fearing. He didn't show his love with words but with work ethic. He loved us, no doubt.  He proved it by working his fingers to the bone. Watching this man work so hard for us for so many years has caused me to have very high expectations of the men I've had in my life. So far, no one has ever lived up to what I have expected from them. No one has ever compared to Daddy. Danny sure runs a close second tho! That is a great compliment for Danny. He knows this too. Daddy.......I know of a couple men who wished you'd been lazy.

Daddy never cussed. He had, and still has, made up words that he used in the place of cuss words. I can honestly say I have never heard that man utter anything ever that he wouldn't say in a church. I am told he wasn't like that when he was younger. We won't tell those stories (Love you Daddy....;))

I can remember being labeled a Daddy's Girl as far back as I can remember.  I have a lot of my Daddy in me. More him then Mommy! A clean mouth isn't one of those things.

Mommy and Daddy adopted me when I was a baby. Daddy never treated me any different from my brothers but they will tell you differently. I had it easier compared to them. I have no doubts about that. Like I said, Daddy was hardcore. I think my blond hair and blue eyes softened his heart but he still used tough love on me too.

Daddy loves my 4 boys to no end. They are his only grandchildren. My brothers never had children of their own. I was sure to have enough for the 3 of us.

I could tell stories about my Daddy blog after blog. And will. But for today I just want to honer him with a few words. Here goes.......Thank you for being the man that no one can compare too. Thank you for taking me in and loving me when I was tossed aside by others. Thank you for continuing to have my back no matter what I do to disappoint you. And I know I have many times.   Thank you for loving my boys, my family and me.  I love you, Daddy.

I'd love to hear about y'alls Daddy..........

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  1. ok, crying now. STOP THAT! That was so sweet. You'll have to let him read that. I'm very much like that. My mom and dad are undoubtedly my heroes, yet I've never been good at telling them how much I love or appreciate them. Like you, I will....maybe soon. I'm very glad your "mommy and daddy" decided to adopt you too....otherwise I would have had to grow up without a baby sis :-)