Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here's to a better Hump Day

Today was a roller coaster. I am sitting here now just trying to swallow down the delayed scream that's trying to leave my lungs!

Evyn is sleeping. His normal bedtime (that he insist on) is 7:30. It was after 9:00 before I got him down. Sorry baby. You can sleep in in the morning.

Zackary is also down for the count. I kept him home from school today because it was raining cats and dogs this morning and I saw no sense in walking to the bus in the rain. (it sounded good) He is going to stay home tomorrow as well. The weather makes me nervous, so I want him home. Is that making my fears his as well?
Peyton stayed at my Mom and Dads. The boys call them Poppy and Mamee.

Eli is still awake. He will be all night. He's in a manic phase. He's due one. It's been a couple days since he was up all night. Most children who don't sleep well at night would be hard to get up the next morning. Eli is not. He will be dressed and ready roaring to go at 6 a.m. as if he's slept all night. Tonight was not a good night for Eli and me. I try to be very patient with him, but sometimes I am at my wits end. Tonight is one of those nights. I just need some rest. These stormy nights have worn me out.

The day started off at 3 a.m. when the storm warnings started again. I never went back to sleep. I got Eli up at 6 to catch the bus and by 9 me and Peyton were on our way to Campbellsville for a orthodontist apt. The two little boys hung with Mamee.

After Peyton got his bottom braces we headed to Glasgow were Peyton adopted a duck from TSC. He wanted one when we got the chickens and rabbits but they were sold out. I thought he deserved a duck. He's a great kid who takes a backseat to his little brothers a lot. Not today tho. He got his duck! He named it Pig. I laughed. Thank you, baby. Oh....I'm not supposed to call him that. Sorry.

Since Evyn was sleeping at Moms when we got there to pick the little boys up, I left him. Not for a mini vacay, but to mow my yard and Granny's. Peyton weedeated it for me. Thank you again Peyton.

Poppy took the three big boys fishing this afternoon. I thought it was a great opportunity to take a bath and wash the grass smell off. Evyn normally sits in the tub with me and plays with bubbles. Today he decided to poop in the water instead. My relaxing bath was just the opposite.

So, now I sit here a bit frazzled because I think I smell like poop and grass. Eli is making me crazy and more storms are on the way. I wish Chris Allen had his low pressure systems shoved up his  a$$!

Here's to a better Hump Day.

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