Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, winding down.

I just wanted to share a few statistics with y'all before I call it a night. (numbers may have been exaggerated, but it don't feel like it)
I ask Peyton to put his iPod away while we ate supper  5 times. I told him to PLEASE put his clothes up 3 times. I ask him to come in and take a shower 4 times. He ask me to wash his favorite cap, once.

 I ask Eli to come in 3 times before finally threatening him with a spanking and counting to three. (does counting to 3 really make us a adult or lower us to a 7 year old level?) I ask him to shower 4 times, and get back in the bed 12 times. I am still counting. He ask me to peel him a orange, once.

Zackary was ask 2 times to come inside. (he's a good child, almost) I asked him 3 times to please sit on his bottom at the supper table. I lost count after the 6th time I ask him  to shut the water off and get out of the shower. He ask me to fix him some chocolate milk, once.

Evyn. Oh, my Evyn. (please no cracks about how spoiled he's gonna be. I call him my miracle baby for reasons that most of y'all know. I'll tell you that story sometime when I feel like drinking crying.) I ask him to get off the table 48 times today. (he had gotten back on it when I  put him to bed) I told him to stop playing in the camode 17 times. Stop taking his diaper off 7 times and no playing in his poop 3 times. He looked and me with those big blue eyes and said Ba Ba, once!

Night all.

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  1. How sweet! That's why those boys will love their mom until they are old and gray, and will spend most of their teens and twenties trying to find a girl who reminds them of her :-)