Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catch Up

I sure have missed y'all. It's been a week. A very busy week in the Smith Household. Today will be a catch up day.
Preschool graduation is drawing closer and I am getting more depressed about this with each passing day. It absolutely sickens me to think my baby Zac will be a Kindergartner a week from Friday.
Peyton has been with Mame and Poppy most of the time. Dad needs help on the farm and Peyton is learning it. He will be the one of my kids that never leave the county and becomes a farmer. That's fine with me cause it'll make him happy. He would rather be on a tractor then play baseball any day of the week!
Evyn is getting into EVERY THING. His true colors are really beginning to shine lately. He is going to keep me on my toes this Summer.
Eli is the same ole Eli. Impossible to please and ready to swim! Which brings me to my next topic. Cleaning the pool. All the rain has made the pool near impossible to clean. It's cleared. Finally. But, I cannot get it vacuumed. I vacuum it three times a day and don't seem to be making any headway. Tips on getting this pond ready to swim in would be GREAT!
All the critters are still kicking. No casualties yet. 19 chickens. 1 duck. 2 rabbits and a slew of dogs. We go to Missouri this weekend to add our second Great Dane. A Harlequin male. I have settled on the name, Whitley.
Zachary's Preschool trip was last Friday. We had some a great day. It's rare that I get to spend one on one time with them. We road the train at big South Fork and then on the way home I thought it'd be silly not to stop at Cumberland Falls. It was muddy and rushing over the falls, yet beautiful and peaceful. The resort was empty. I guess it isn't quite tourist season yet. I got some great pictures. It was a good day. Let me say that was a good day. One I hope he carries it with him till he has children of his own and takes them as well.
Not only am I about to have a Kindergartner, I am also fixing to have a Middle Schooler. (gasp) I always said once my children were older I would continue my own education. As that time grows closer I have absolutely no desire what so ever to go back to college. And that's OK. I am at peace with what I do. If I never do nothing more than raise my puppies and be a homemaker I will be totally satisfied with that. I feel a lot of folks whom have a college degrees are not as comfortable in their life as I am. (next week, I could have a different opinion. I am very indecisive when it come to the subject of what to do when all my kids are in school)
I have fought a stomach bug for 3 days.
 I did shed some Winter weight. Not exactly how I wanted to tho. The view in the bathroom got old.

As for the rest of the week.......tomorrow I need to get back in the swing of things. I missed Eli's Thursday last week. I am looking forward to tomorrows blog that's dedicated to him.
Have a great Hump Day friends. Until tomorrow.......

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