Friday, May 27, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Summer Break has officially began and I am already on a war path. I want to say one thing and get it off my chest.
Eli is a child. He has feelings and a soul and can hear the words that come out of peoples mouths whether it be good or bad. Yes, he has some issues sometimes but for the most part he is a normal child that likes to play, joke, run, jump. swim, play baseball, fish and he's entitled to have friends just the same as any other child. I had a feeling outing him and his diagnoses on my blog would cause some of his friends parents to question allowing their children to befriend him. But, I felt it's not something to be hid nor ignored but dealt with head on. If you have decided it isn't best for your children to befriend my child anymore because he's "sick," then SHAME ON YOU!
I have a lovely, amazing son. A son that is no different on the inside then your son. Period.

*sigh* Today was it. The last day of school. here we go friends. Let the fun begin. You can expect lots of blogs where I laugh, cry, question my sanity and maybe even buzz blog. I apologize in advance for those now. Crank some Adele and Lady Gaga and lets get this Summer started!!  Dance in the rain a little. (or under the NMVFD hose like Eli is here)


  1. You may also expect some panic texts from me over the Summer about how to handle four kids. Hope your boys has a good Summer.

  2. I absolutely agree with this post! Why is there such "stigma" around mental health issues? Would these parents not want their children to be his friend if he were diabetic? I think not. However, diabetes is caused by a hormonal imbalance (lack of or insensitivity to the hormone insulin) just like most mental health issues are caused by hormonal imbalances(hormones called neurotransmitters). They just affect a different parts of the body. There are successful medications to manage both of them. Is a diabetic "less of a person" because they have a health problem that must be managed? No. Neither is someone who is dealing with a mental health issue. Geez, when will people move past their "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" idea of mental health and educate themselves? It's such a shame that a sweet, funny, bright, adorable child like Eli must endure such prejudice!

  3. I agree with Tarah completely. You are doing the right things for your children and if other people can't understand, they don't deserve to be around Eli anyway! Hang in there.