Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Plans?

What a crazy last few days. They have consisted of graduation, field days, road trips, no sleep, lots of good food and belly laughs with the kids. It's a official, Zac and I are both blistered. The worst sunburns are when it's cloudy. We were out all day yesterday working on the pool and it never dawned on me one time to sunscreen Zac. Those of you who know me know......I apply sunscreen to those kids faithfully. I NEVER dreamed that a cloudy day would blister that child. I now feel neglectful. He's miserable and it's due to my irresponsibility. For the record....I have tried a lot of sunscreen on the kids in the last 13 years and last year I found Ocean Potion. The best ever! Period

The truck is torn up. I feel bad for Danny. We just can't seem to catch a break and get caught up since the wreck and his 10 weeks off. We both agreed that this Summer would be the best. We intended to take the boys everywhere humanly possible. Some of my best memories are trips I took with my parents. They took me everywhere. Everywhere except the ocean. I saw the ocean one time my Sr year of high school. We were rushed and I didn't really get to spend time there. That's gonna change this Summer if I have to walk. I want a nice little rental on the beach. No exceptions. Hey, I want what I want. And I want it to be a amazing trip for the kids. They are trying to convince me to camp one time. Sorry. I will NOT be camping. Our conversation usually goes like this:

Boys- "we want to go camping"
Me- "no"
Boys- "please"
Me- "ask your Daddy"
Boys- "but he said ask you"
Me-"no, I don't want to camp. I don't want to sleep on the ground. (or a air mattress, or a cot, or a anything else claiming to be remotely as comfortable as my Serta)
Boy-" but, it'd be fun. We can roast marshmellow's"
Me-"we can do that here and sleep in our beds when we are done"
Boys-"we can swim in the lake"
Me- " we can swim in our backyard in clear clean water and when we are tired we can sleep on a Serta!"
Boys-"but everyone camps. Everyone talk about how much fun they had'
Me-" sure it is, that's why the homeless always look so damn happy all the time."

Spoiled. Yes. The only way I will camp is in a RV. I don't mean a pop up or a pull behind. I mean one of the bigamoes (Yes I made that word up to describe the monster RV's you drive. Winnebago's.) Which brings me to my question. Where is a good place to rent one for a few days? And where's a good place to go. I really want to take the to Yosemite. That's out of the question until gas goes down. Also, a nice rental on the beach. Preferably a house on a beach that isn't crowed. We don't care about the attractions cause we are there to be on the beach. Not shop, eat out and bungee jump. (that last one is on my bucket list)

Anyway.......plans are in motion for entertaining 4 boys.What's yours and how are you planning to save money? Suggestions please. (and keep in mind we have a age range from 1 to 12)

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