Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bubbling Over

Lightning is the devil. Left me computerless for a couple weeks. I was absolutely overjoyed when a diagnostic test on the computer reveled it would be covered by insurance and would be more economically smart to be replaced as opposed to repaired. Then, I was informed my deductible was 500. Dammit! I hate insurance. Just one more example why you need to know your policy better.
But, because it was a Saturday and  I didn't get a Wednesday gift this week........I was presented with a very lovely HP laptop yesterday. (Thank you, dear!)

Now. catch up! I can't illustrate everything with pictures, cause they are on my desktop that passed away. The wonderful computer doc is retrieving those for me!

Now, here's a run down.

We Kayaked 7 miles down Green River with 4 kids. Evyn sat this out and Ash tagged along and doubled up with Pey while Danny and me hauled with either Eli or Zac. We chose a the Selfbather (?) Kayaks and LOVED the first 3 miles. About halfway I felt like I was padding up hill. We want to go again tho. Fabulous idea. Who's idea was that anyway..........oh yea.......MINE! Tehehehehe.

We Tye Dyed shirts. Terrific idea by Emmy. Thank you again! The boys loved it.

If your on my FB, check out the pictures.

I have planned some great things for the boys. Eli turns 8 Thursday. We intend to rent Jet skis for a day for him.

Peyton has been such a big help here this summer for not only me but Mom and Dad, my brother, the neighbors. What a fine young man he is growing in to. He has a hellava surprise coming up from me, Danny, Mike and Lacy. Sorry. Even Pey won't know what it is until it's in front of him.

As for today we are headed to Louisville in a few hours to hear some music, eat some food and watch the fireworks. I have always wanted to see Thunder .I hear this is the second largest event next to Thunder. The Band Perry will be preforming tonight. I gotta admit.......I'm bubbling over.

How are yall entertaining yalls kiddos on a budget this summer?

Have a great 4th.

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