Tuesday, July 5, 2011


2011's 4th of July is in the bag. We watched Fireworks and Band Perry at Louisville on waterfront Sunday. everyone had a fabulous time. Almost. When you have 6 family members sometimes you just gotta settle for 5/6. There's always going to be a party pooper. These days it's always the oldest. 13 hasn't even rolled around for him quite yet and he's already a hoot to be around the majority of the time. (hoot was much nicer then the word I really wanted to use)

Eli's birthday is in 2 days.

I have a sweet young lady and her son who wants photographs taken of them tomorrow. I am honored that she ask me to do his 5 year old shots! What a wonderful compliment!

Today's mood hasn't been anything worth writing home about. days like today I feel terrible that I haven't came up with some grand scheme to entertain the boys that would be worth going back to school and talking about.

The Casey Anthony verdict came in today. I was pleased that she was found not guilty. The justice system done it's job. There simply wasn't enough evidence to prove her guilty. Something about that gal has grabbed my attention since the very beginning. I'm sure theres more to it then we all will ever know and I think if anyone should be in prison, it should be Casey's Dad. Congrats, my dear. I hope for your sake on judgement day you are truly innocent and my gut wasn't wrong. I hope your Father and brother rot in hell if the alleged things they done were correct. That will be all I ever say about this trial.

Evyn has hit some pretty major milestones. He now has a rather decent vocabulary that includes dirty, mommy, daddy, eli, nite nite, ba ba, mamee, poppy, bye bye and uhh ohh.

School starts in less than a month. I have 3 school supply list as long as my leg. 3 boys whom have managed to outgrow everything from socks and boxers to shoes and jeans. After cleaning out their closets last week I discovered either I need to win the lottery quick or they will be going to school in highwaters, barefoot and underwareless. (is that a word or did I make that up?) If I guesstamant (I kow thats a made up word, but it's one of my fav's) correctly I figure it'll take roughly 900 to send them back this year in new clothes and supplies. Lord help me.

I am back on the kick of school again. I'd love to take some online classes while Evyn is young. I want my boys to be proud of me and I don't feel I'm doing a very good job of setting a example for them right now. I don't know where to start or even if some online only classes at Western are even possible. Guess I need to take in my tax returns and see what  I can maybe get paid for. I'm not taking money from my kids to better myself. I'd never go if I couldn't possibly have the majority paid for. Is that wrong for thinking that? What I really want to do takes a 6 year degree. I could never attend full time and raise a family. It'd take more like 10 years. I'd be 41. OK, so maybe school is outa the question after all. Never takes me long to talk myself out of a good thing. I'm bad about that. I hate change.

I still have not got to do that one great big thing this summer with the boys. I hope some wonderful idea falls in my lap soon. Time is dwindling down.

On a lighter note, I just learned Evyn LOVES Salomi. A man after my heart!

Now since I'm clearly rambling from fireworks to Casey Anthony to Salomi it's time I wrap this one up.
I hope your summer has been filled with memorable moments so far. As for me, I'm going to go cut the watermelon that's been chilling in the fridge since yesterday.

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