Friday, July 29, 2011

Some bragging, followed by love and thank you's.

Afternoon followers. And a very hott one it is.
With supper finished and things calm for the moment I decided this was a perfect opportunity to sit down and blog.
It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Preparing for school to start and trying to get in ever little thing  we can with the boys before school starts. I know I joke and say it can't come soon enough, but the truth is I am sure gonna miss em'. It's been a fabulous Summer and they have all been great boys.
Peyton has really matured this Summer. He now has a job. He has been working regularly for Byron and Connie Jeffries. He is in bad health. Peyton has been doing what he can for him by mowing his yards and farm property, weed eating and other odd and end chores. On top of that he mows for his grandparents and he trims for a friend down the road. He's always said he'd like to mow for people. He's off to a fine start. I have had several compliments on how well behaved and respectful he is and how their children would never get out from in front of the TV long enough to take out trash. That to me is the greatest compliment a mother could have about her son. I know I have already blogged many times comparing my childhood to theirs but, it's made me who I am. and it's helping me make them who they are. Wait, that did not come out right. It's helping me guide them to be great boys. I guess I try to lay the path and they take it, most of the time. As they walk down it, they make it their own.
There are several things I do differently than my parents did. There's equally if not more things I do identical to them.

I was raised very old fashion. Men always ate before the women and children. That still to this day is something I still do. After I cook, I do not eat until the boys have eaten and the meals dishes have been washed and put away. Partly because it's how I was raised and partly because I don't have time. I stay busy filling glasses, getting napkins, washing dropped silverware, scooping out more food.  Usually I eat about 10pm after every one is tucked away for the night. I remember Mommy never eating until very last more times than I could ever count. Usually it was standing at the kitchen counter while still in her apron. Yes, guilty of that too.

Mommy wasn't the only ones I watched. My Granny and Grandpaw were my favorite people to stay with. My Grandpaw had my Granny wrapped around his finger. He done absolutely NOTHING for himself. he was not by no means lazy. he worked very hard. But he checked his time card at the back door! He always ate in his recliner with his plate and soda on a food tray in front of him. He'd shake his empty glass and the ice would make a very distinctive sound rattling in a empty glass. That was Granny's cue to fill it up, and she never missed a beat! I am guilty of that too. I take very good care of my boys. They do a lot for themselves, but I also wait on them alot too. I hope I am setting the bar so high that they will never find a wife that takes care of them like their mother did. Wait.........that's wrong. I didn't really mean that. I hope they find someone better. Danny stays on me alot about them being Mommy's Boy's. Evyn and Zackary especially. He says that all their wives will ever hear is "that's not how Mommy does it" and the most common words the boys will hear is "go on back home to your damn Mommy then!"

One thing their wives can thank me and their Daddy for is the work ethic we instill in them. I have mentioned before that they are rather spoiled, but they have very little that they have not worked their tails off for and earned. The majority of the time they are the men of the house here. They sure pull their own weight, too. I would have been a worn out mess had it not been for the steps Eli and Peyton have saved me this Summer.

So, I just want to take a minute and say thank you boys.  I get up in the mornings for you. I live and breath with your best interest at heart. Your smiles light up my life with a joy I had never known until you were layed in my arms. I know there are times I don't seem like I'm listening, but I want you to know I memorize ever word you say. Ever funny thing you do goes to a special place in my mind and will stay there forever. Each and ever one of my favorite memories include you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Ever thing I do, or don't do is for you four.

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