Monday, August 8, 2011

It won't be this way for long.

Today is Monday, but that's not how I'm referring to it. It's the boys 3rd day of school. Monday, the word, is meaningless.
Eli seems to love school this year, so far. He thrives the best in structure. I done my best to have that this Summer, but I am no where close to as good as a teacher is. Kuddos to Ms. Haley. He seems to be doing wonderful.
Peyton's lovely attitude has surfaced again. I don't know why school always brings out the worst in him. I do believe the the source of the problem was made clear last night tho, and I sincerely hope I nipped it in the arse before it got out of hand like last year. I do have one question tho regarding this. Metcalfe County, are you so hard up for money that you just let any child back into your facility without regard to the chaos, grief and gossip she has caused and will continue to cause? Seriously!
Zackary. This has been hard on him. And me too. The first day he was so excited and ready to take on the world. The second and third (today) not so much. he has said some of the most heart wrenching things. "I don't wanna go to school Mommy, I miss you too much" "I'm too little to go to school" was today's latest tear jerker.
He tried very hard to cry silently this morning. His quite little tears made me have quite little tears. Tears are a chain reaction. Sorry Ms. Becky. We didn't mean to make you cry first thing on a Monday morning. I was told "it won't be this way for long."

So, now it's just me and Evyn. He's sitting beside me on the couch looking at the computer screen as if he is reading every word.

My Mommy called me and ask me to help her in the garden today. I was reminded of the my blog entry a couple weeks ago. I have been sick for 6 weeks and had every intention on seeing a actual Dr. today as opposed to having something called in, again. But, my Mommy called and what she asks for, she gets! I would never dream of making a excuse to her, no matter how good it may be.

Today's entry is short and to the point. School has started and I have 4 boys whom are reacting to it 4 very different ways.

How is it going y'alls way?

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